The Basics of the Dirty South

Hey Ya’ll!

I’m Brittany, I grew up in Central Florida where I learned quickly that while style was not important to my region (mainly trailer parks and ghettos) it was something that was extremely important to me. We grew up on a budget and I really learned how to make the most of everything that I was able to purchase with my very limited clothing budget. I spent a lot of time in thrift stores and yard sales finding new ways to reconstruct pieces to make them look fly. My mission here which I know is not original in any way, but may possibly be at least my own unique perspective, is to show you that you can and will look fabulous on tight funds!! To the rich money doesn’t matter and in the dirty dirty you simply have no option, money can’t matter cause there’s not much there. So, without further ado I’ll get down to the nitty gritty and we’ll start with my first post.

The Basics: these are items that everyone has in their closet already OR you can pick up at a thrift store for under $3.


1. A phenominal pair of cut off shorts. These are the most important staple in the Dirty South, because you can seriously wear them day after day, week after week and pull of tons of different looks with them. They’re a great versatile piece since you can not only throw them on with your favorite band tee when you feel like crap and have to run to Wal-Mart to pick up tampons, chocolate, and midol, but you can also wear them with a fun pair of wedges, a baggy plain white tee and some funky jewelry and look fabulous enough to go get smashed at The Beer Shed (or whatever hole-in-the-wall bar you like to frequent), and maybe get lucky too! 😉  Keep in mind when purchasing your shorts that you want to make sure they fit your ass WELL. There is absolutely NO POINT in wearing shorts if you’re not going to accentuate that fine ass. Now for you bigger ladies( I myself am no size 2) I’m not saying have your ass hang out of the shorts, VISIBLE CELLULITE doesn’t get you any free drinks. Get a pair of shorts that fit a little baggier, when you’re curvier the rule of thumb for denim is Buying one size bigger makes you look two sizes smaller. WORDS TO LIVE BY LARGER

Boots, Baggy Floral Tank, Eyelet Skirt and all the Sunshine a girl could ask for. ❤

LADIES! Also keep in mind that you’ll be wearing these shorts A LOT and they’re meant to be so COMFORTABLE that you want to wear them everyday, so don’t get anything uncomfortable or too tight!

2. BOOTS!!!!!! Boots in the south are almost as important as God himself. You can wear them with your cut off shorts (which is the typical thing to do) AND you can wear them with fun flirty floral dresses on the occasion that your ‘boyfriend’ doesn’t sleep his hangover off all day and actually wants to take you somewhere!  Boots are a larger investment for those of you that don’t already have them, but I can’t explain how worth the money they are. Look around at your local flea markets, they usually run the cheapest so you shouldn’t have to spend more than $30-50 for a good pair. Also you can go out looking for boots, but you can’t just buy the first pair you pick up, when the time is right your boots will find you. (I know that sounds incredibly ridiculous, but seriously I spent 2 years before I found my babies, but their perfectness was well worth the wait, and I snagged them for $20!) Make sure before you make this purchase that you are absolutely head over heels madly in love with the boots that you’ve found, you’ll be wearing them a lot I promise and boots are sturdy, you’ll have them for a while too! Sidenote: every guy has a cowgirl fantasy…play that up at the bar=more free drinks!!!

3. a worn out baggy tee shirt. Any kind will do, I prefer Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead tees, but even if you just have solid colors as long as it’s a baggy enough to hang off one shoulder you’re golden. Have a baggy tee, but the neckline is too high? Cut 2 inches off the neckline and voila it’s exactly what you need. If you can make the purchase I’d go to Goodwill and spend at least $15 picking up these, because with a pair of scissors and a great imagination you can do SOOOOOOO much with a baggy tee. Make it a crop top, cut a skull out of the back, cut the sides and tie it up with ribbon, literally the possibilities are ENDLESS, and reconstructing a tee shirt is an excellent way to kill some time when you’re broke and have nothing else to do but get high and watch Springer. A baggy tee can be worn with a lot of different options too: the obvious combo is with your boots and cutoffs, you can also do it with a pair of leggings and some tennies while your running errands, or pair it with a cool high-waisted mini skirt for a girls night out!

4. a denim jacket. So important. In the south you’ll only actually need the jacket for one to two months out of the year, however, you will want to wear it all the time. It’s a fun way to just add an accessory to any and all of your fabulous Dirty South Outfits, and it’s also practical to bring along with you when ‘boyfriend’ takes you to Applebees for Happy Hour and Half Price Apps cause you know it’s always fucking freezing in that bitch. You can find a denim jacket anywhere and everywhere if you open your eyes. Yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores…the only three places you really ever need to shop… if you find a jacket and it doesn’t fit quite perfectly don’t worry, as long as you are happy with the way it looks it’ll look good on you. You WEAR the jacket, the jacket doesn’t wear you. I cheated on Goodwill and managed to snag mine on sale at Gap for $12, but I’ve customized it with some buttons and a funky earring that I pinned on it from my grandmothers house. Make your jacket your own!!!


5. a floral dress. The cut and style of the dress really don’t matter, it could be fit-n-flare, a maxi, a mini, body-con…whatever as long as it LOOKS GOOD on you it works! A floral dress is essential to every southern girl. It has that sweet innocent whim to it that no matter what the occasion it will be something you can throw on with your denim jacket and boots and look fabulous!!!


That’s all for now. Hope this does well. Tomorrow I’ll post #6-10 on the Southern Girls Essentials list.


Remember Ladies : Don’t walk, Strut!!!




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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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