Hurricane Party Attire!!

Hurricane Season 2012. Fuck Yes.

Being in the dirty south has some amazing privileges. Bypassing winter and going to the beach the week of Christmas has always been my favorite part of the holiday season. However, while we get to skip the horrible season of winter, being down south we have a much more serious season that comes upon us mid-july and lurches around til about Sept: Hurricane Season. Now, it really doesn’t matter that much, basically if you’re really from the south, when you hear about a “hurricane” you chuckle and head to Wal*Mart to gather supplies, for the inevitable Hurricane Party. Every year there’s always one big tropical storm that all the weather men and newscasters tell us is going to “progress to a possible Cat. 2- Cat. 3 by Monday”. And every year everyone puts on their dunce caps and believes the hype. By Monday, schools in at least 5 counties will be closed, most lawn/maintenance/outdoor labor companies will have called their employees and canceled work for Monday, and the battery/bottled water section of every major grocery store will be wiped out. Then EVERY YEAR Sunday night around 7:00 weathermen will have some news for us, the storm is taking a turn!! Probably headed west towards Texas, or it just miraculously hit a warm air pocket and is slowly starting to dissipate. 30 minutes later you’ll get a call. Everyone’s off work tomorrow and there’s no school anyway so there’s gunna be a party at someone’s house. This is called the Hurricane Party. They are a blast, lots of drinks, guaranteed partying in the rain at some point, lightening, music, all the good stuff. They are often some of the most memorable parties of the summer, and you can bet your sweet ass tons of pictures will be taken, so it’s extremely important to look cute at these!

Functionality and Hottness have to go hand in hand with your outfit for a hurricane party. Weather conditions are going to be much less than fair so let’s just go ahead and state the obvious: it’s going to rain, don’t be that bitch that wears a white tee shirt. There’s a difference between excepting and embracing a little fabulous trashiness, and being a needy attention seeking whore. All the girls at Shady Pines got at least that much class.

When dressing for a hurricane party I always keep a number of things in mind. A: it’s definitely going to rain which means two things for me personally 1. I can’t wear jeans and 2. I need to cover most of my body. When it rains down here mosquitoes are everywhere and I am not a big fan of bug bites. Also being 4’9 means that most of my jeans drag the ground at least a little bit and I hate it when the bottom of my pants are wet. It’s a really gross feeling. So that means I’m wearing leggings. During the Summer wearing leggings isn’t that bad, plus it covers up your legs to protect you from pesky bugs. I always like to be a bit ridiculous so I go with fun colors. For this glorious Hurricane Issac party I choose Maroon.

When you wear leggings it is important that whichever top you choose to wear with them covers your ass! I cannot stress this enough, doesn’t matter how skinny you are there’s always a little bit of visible cellulite where your leg ends and your buttcheeks begin, leggings don’t hide that so do yourself a favor and make sure your shirt is of appropriate length. Since I’m wearing maroon leggings this week I went with a longer grey/ivory 3/4 inch sleeve top, matches the colors and it’s pretty comfy and cute.

I always wear some form of outerwear, I tend to over-accessorize because I feel it just adds a touch of lush and glam to whatever outfit I’m wearing. Since it’s summer and it’s always too hott anyway I tend to go for vests and light weight flyaways. I went with an off-blush light weigh flyaway to add more length to the top, and compliment the leggings.
Finally a Hurricane Party Essential is Boots of course. Don’t wear leather ones, or your most expensive pair, because they will be getting dirty tonight!

Have fun and Happy Hurricane Issac!!


Love and Sweet Tea


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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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