Southern Girl Esstentials Part 2

6. a bandana pretty self explanatory. It’s the south. A bandana serves many many purposes. Wear it tied around your neck as an accessory, keep it hanging out of the back pocket of your jeans/cutoffs just to prove your badassery, or wear it on your head to keep your hair out of the way. Pick a neutral color though, gangs use bandanas too, and that can be dangerous. Black, grey, or white. I rock the black flag.

7. something made with eyelet Southern women are complex to say the least. Dressing like a southern woman is nothing different. We need our outfits to show off our awesome bodies, but we don’t want to look like Becky Lynn at Shady Pines. We want to look cute and sweet, however we don’t want to look like we’re high maintenance or “too good” to go muddin’. Eyelet is the most wonderful material to express the bipolarness of a Belle. It’s sweet and very pretty, yet its a very durable material and it’s white so it can be bleached! I personally own a strapless eyelet corset top. It’s my very favorite thing to wear out. I wear it with my cutoffs and boots, and occasionally I’ll tuck it into a high-waisted skirt with my denim jacket. An eyelet skirt is also something that I own (feat. in the pic in my first post) and it pairs well with basically all the tops I own as long as I’m wearing my boots! My point is eyelet is very versatile and  will always look sweet on a southern girl, it doesn’t matter what article of clothing you buy, every Belle needs to have at least one piece of eyelet in their wardrobe.

8. multiple leather wrap/hemp/threaded bracelets. Accessories are very important, especially when they are so much cheaper than clothes and are the easiest way to change up an outfit. Bracelets are the biggest thing for me personally. They are easily made (for really cheap), you don’t have to take them on/off everyday since they aren’t made of metals, and they look awesome. The more bracelets the better, do an assortment of colors, one brown, one black, one olive green, one blush pink, and one in a blue color of some sorts, that way no matter what you’re wearing they will always match!

9. mascara. I use Falsies in Black Drama by Maybelline, but it really doesn’t matter which one you use, always do 3 coats and never leave the house without it. NOT EVEN KIDDING. Do not leave the house without applying 3 coats of mascara to your upper lashes and 1 coat to your lower ones. It’ll make your eyes pop in the most wonderful way, and if you don’t feel like putting on any other make up it’ll at least accentuate the best feature on your face!!!

10. red patent leather peep toe platforms Sexy. Classic. And a little Crazy. The perfect ending essential to your Dirty South Style wardrobe. You can wear them with so many options, jeans and a baggy white tee, your pretty floral dress, a little black dress, your cutoffs and eyelet corset top, seriously just throw them on with anything you want and you’re insuring that your night will be full of free drinks, tons of flirting, and lots of good ol’fashioned southern fun.  Just make sure you can walk/stumble in them before you decide to go out drinking while wearing them. And also make DAMN sure that your toenails look decent before you parade them around in the outside world.

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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