Flannel my Friend…where the fuck have you been?!

I’m so thoroughly disappointed in myself. I have neglected to mention the most glorious of fabrics used in southern fashions. FLANNEL!!! I can’t believe I haven’t described to you the joys you get when the first cold front of fall comes in, dropping the temperature to damn near 72 degrees. Then you get to break out something to stay warm in other than a bottle of whiskey!! All you need is one flannel, I personally suggest grabbing one with red in it, because those tend to go with everything, and then you can take on a vast variety of go-to outfits to keep you sustained until your next child support check comes in the mail. 😉


First of Flannel can be used in a fun pattern on patter way. Layer a white tank and flannel shirt with a wide-striped vest and some cut-off shorts, for an extra cool way to strut around kmart while you’re trying to shoplift some diet pills, and the clerks will probably just be too concerned with how hott you look to even notice that you clearly have rectangle shaped objects poking out of your purse. Throw a flannel over a conversation print, flirty skirt, and boots for a girl’s night out at the Dallas Bull, and guarantee yourself free drinks. Possibilities are endless!!!


What I’ll be going out in this weekend: Flannel Goes Fabulous

I love dressing edgy especially when my plans are to go out to an artsy city/event. This weekend I’m going to see a wonderful band play and want to look hott, current, and awesome. I’m wearing a strapless black lace romper (forever21.com) with a studded skinny belt, combat boots (charlotterusse.com) my BELOVED flannel (freepeople.com) and an awesome fedora (francescascollections.com). I’ll do really matte foundation with a dark smokey eye (charcoal and stray dog by urban decay), and a nude extra glossy lip (NYC Candy Clear $2 CVS Pharmacy). I’ll let you know how many drinks I actually have to pay for. 😉


Happy Hump Day!!



About britaknee

I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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