Freedom, Grass, Love… Damn Dirty Hippies.

My Brother and I climbing tree roots taller than us.

So I realize that a lot of my posts are about ridiculous things, mostly partying it up with some PBR’s at the trailer park bar, and some of this is slightly exaggerated for comedic purposes, but I haven’t touched on a subject which my family believes is what accurately sums me up: Hippie.

I’m not hippie like hipster hippie. Not that I’m too cool to admit that I’m hipster, cause we all know that real hipsters hate being called hipsters, but really I’m just not cool enough to actually pull off hipster hippie, I’m just the mother-earth, smoke weed, rights for everyone, free love kind of hippie. That and I really like to dress like I’m the love-child of Tommy Chong and Kate Hudson. (yes I realize that is a disgusting image of sexual intercourse but this isn’t a sexual fantasy kind of blog) I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE being outside and thankfully fall has come upon us!! While for Floridians that just means it’s gone from feeling like Satan’s Shitter to a livable and not vomit inducing 78, it does mean that I get to update my wardrobe ever so slightly and I get to wander aimlessly while stoned in the park all day without “glistening” to death. (Southern women don’t sweat we glisten)

In my head I’m living out some sort of fucked up reality TV show, if you couldn’t tell that much already, so even though I’m only getting up out of bed to walk to the park and get high I must dress like I’m a fucking Olsen twin. Side Note: I fucking LOVE the Olsen Twins. I’m pretty full of myself at times and want to be photo ready because there are SO many things that could happen while high at the park.

1. I could meet the love of my life. (doubt that severely, I live in a town called Riverview and the most happening spot in this town is a converted trailer turned bar called The Beer Shed, let your imagination guide you to what the men here look like)

2. A huge producer of some sorts COULD be in town cause he wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and get back down to earth, then he’d be at the park too and see how wonderful I was dressed and ask me be the star of my very own TV show, cause with all this charisma, talent, hilariousness, and good looks lets face it: how do I not already have my own television show.

and lastly

3. I’ll get suuuupppperrr high and know I look on point and my narcissism will blast its way through to the camera button on my iphone and BOOM I just blew up your Instagram or Facebook news feed with TONS of pictures of how awesome I look. In all actuality I know that this is exactly what’s going to end up happening, but at least I can pretend there are other reasons for me to show up at the park wearing bright pink lipstick, or whatever.

yada yada yada I feel like I’ve typed a lot in this one. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you my first official fall outfit of 2012!

My quick go-to is a maxi with a belt and a light jacket. It’s perfect for fall, keeps you warm but not too hott! I’m short so as long as the maxi fits properly it elongates my body and enables me to look a couple of inches taller, and taller=leaner! 😉 A belt helps define your waist which is always good for every body type, and jackets look cool, I told you I’m obsessed with my denim jacket.



Happy Fall Ya’ll




My hair is a wreck right now. I’m not naturally blonde and when my roots got trashy since I’m broke right now I had the brilliant idea of bleaching them at home, so now their orange…very sexy. Anyway, due to that issue, and the fact that I’m still broke and can’t afford the salon, for the next few weeks I’ll be hiding it under hats, or in crazy updos. Today is the tiny ballet bun, and I threw a baby rose bobby pin in it for fun. I hate it when girls wear their hair  up unless it’s necessary (like while you’re working out or giving head) so when I have to put this mess up I always have to toss in a super girly accessory to compensate for my hatred of the hairstyle.

Baby Coral Rose Bobby.

a fall essentials list is coming soon so keep reading my shit guys!


love and June-Bugs.


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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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