I’ve got myself an obsession…Somethin’ ’bout Boots and Boys…(or scarves, same difference)

They bring me so much joy!!


So down here in Florida the temperature has officially dropped 3 degrees meaning it’s okay to wear winter boots and scarves out at night! You have no idea how obsessed with these two items I am. This is my collection thus far, and like I said Fall just got here….

Boots are my love, I’m very short and boots give me the wondrous height addition without breaking my ankles like heels do. I don’t have to worry about busting my face, arms, knees etc.. up when I wear them out for a night full of drunk stumbling. They are comfortable, and there’s so many different styles, and you can wear them in a million different ways, which is wonderful considering my intense case of Fashion ADD. I like to wear every different style there is and so today I’ve complied a few outfits in different style categories to show you the wonderful versatility of them.

Scarves are the same way. The best way to build your wardrobe on a budget is to buy accessories and stock pile them bitches like crazy. So I own lots of fun, large earrings, funky necklaces, bracelets, and of course SCARVES!! Most of mine are light-weight and don’t provide a lot of warmth because I like to wear them a lot and it’s Florida so 85% of the year it’s wayy too hott to throw one with substance on. I like to go for a variety of patterns and colors. I don’t own any solid scarves because pattern on pattern is one of my favorite styles as you’ll see and a scarf is an easy way to pull off this trend without looking cray cray.

I currently own four pairs of boots that I love with all of my heart. So I’ve coordinated a scarf and boot outfit for each pair.


The first look is daytime casual, though I would still totally rock the fuck outta this outfit for a night out in Ybor, or at WOB.  A little trendy, fun fall colors with a pop of teal in the boots and earrings to match this fabulous flowy blazer. Brown polyester shorts (yes they still make these and they will make your ass look phenomenal), a tan off the shoulder top, and fun ikat print scarf are great with brown patterned tights and the amazing plaid Roxy boots. You’ll notice these boots have a wedge bottom, which is wonderful since they give me an extra 3 inches in height!!


Second outfit is based solely on my cowgirl boots. I’ve expressed my love for them over and over like a broken record, but my love for them is pure and true and I don’t care if I sound like a hopeless romantic, I feel perfectly comfortable telling the world that we were made for each other. I wear them with lots of things and you’ve seen and will continue to see. Today since we’re focusing on a boot and scarf combo outtie I paired them with a sweet navy country eyelet dress, a mixed color floral scarf and my denim jacket (I’m also soul-mates with that jacky…don’t even get me started on that …) I would wear this out during the day to a park, shopping, and yes especially if I wear headed out to The Beer Shed for a night of slamming $1 Budweiser Drafts.



This next look is my combat boot outfit… I wanted combat boots for a long long time and was generously given these wonderful ones as a Christmas gift from the best Santa a girl could ask for. Now, I’ve said before that I’m a bit curvier and I love the look of boots being loose around girls calves, makes your legs look skinnier and who doesn’t want that. However, these are made for skinny skinny model bitches and originally made my legs looked like sausages stuffed into boots, not a good look for me or anyone else for that matter. The secret to boots like this for you heavier girls out there is to loosen the laces A LOT, and also since these zip up the sides I leave about an inch unzipped, then I pull the tongue of the boot out a lot and that’s the secret of making them look like they’re a little loose. For this look I paired it with my thin black leggings so that there’s not a lot of material in between my leg and the boot, the leggings are slimming since they’re black and they are so super comfortable to wear, it’s like being in sweat pants but you can be in public wearing them and not look like you gave up on life. I like to wear over-sized tees with leggings, and so I threw on my I ❤ NY tourist tee shirt, with a really fuzzy and awesome pirate inspired red and black cardigan, and a black and red stars/checkered scarf. This is by far the coziest and most wonderful boots outfit for a cold night out at a bonfire, or just to wear out. Seriously most of the outfits I put together I try to make sure they’re something I can wear to any occasion cause my life is lived minute-to-minute and I usually have no idea what I’m actually doing once I leave the house.



Finally we have suede garden boots, a glorious invention combining the comfort and functionality of a garden boot with the durability and classiness of suede. I wear these A LOT also. Today you’re in luck because you get a jeans outfit, I rarely ever wear pants in general because of my height and jeans are last on my favorite kind of pants list because they’re not breathable, uncomfortable, and always soooooo long. I own these American Eagle wide leg jeans though, found them for a good price and they have a little Lycra in them so they’re stretchy and easy to wear. Being that I am a bigger girl I always go for a wide or flare legged jean when I purchase them because they disguise your thunder thighs making it look like its just the cut of the denim and not your love of Puffy Cheetos that makes your legs look thick. These jeans also have a flapped butt pocket which makes asses look perkier and bubblier, never had a man complain about a bubbly perky ass…. I just got this amazingly awesome stoner tee at CottonOn that says “high roller” to let everyone know in case they didn’t already that I’m a princess AND I like to smoke weed, top that off with blacked and grey striped cardi, and a really awesome fedora and this infinity scarf with lace skulls on it, just to assert my badassery once again. With this I’d just wear a really fun stud earring and lots of leather/fabric bracelets and mission accomplished, a jeans outfit that I don’t hate.


That’s all for now, but I have a lot of exciting things coming up in the next two weeks so stay tuned!!!


Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream,


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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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