Road-Trippin’ ’bout wearing the same outfit for 13 hours.


Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen! Today I have exciting news. Everything was pending up until yesterday, but now I can officially and legally say that I’ll be leaving for a road-trip adventure in two days!! I’ll be riding up to North Carolina with one of my friends from down here and seeing a lot of my old friends from high school. Facebook has made it so easy to stay current and connected with everyone, but in reality I haven’t seen a lot of these people face to face in almost 4 years. I’m very excited to give my friends big hugs, and since I left Carolina with a horrible body, bad taste in clothing and music, and basically no interest in anything but getting fucked up and kissing my boyfriend, I’m also very excited to show them that I’ve done a lot of growing up over these past few years, have my priorities somewhat in order (though I still like to get cray cray), and I look SOOOO much better than I did 4 years ago. I legit think that midgets age like whiskey, cause I keep getting better, classier, and more badass as I continue to grow older.

I’m very very excited and this week has been a crazy clusterfuck of working out, narrowing down clothing options, and getting my legal shit straight so that I’m able to make this journey. The greatest and most adventurous thing about this trip would probably be that it’s open ended, I have worked all my legal issues out, and haven’t exactly booked a ticket home yet, it’s a scary thing going up there with no idea what the fuck I’m doing, but “No reason to stay is a good reason to go” or so they say and right now I’ve got nothing going on for me down here, so I might as well see what life up there is about again… I was going to make a post about packing responsibly and how you can get everything you need for a month into a small carry-on sized bag, and while I know how to do that (put a big focus on basics and accessories so you have a small amount of items but lots of different options), lets get real. I love clothing, have become obsessed with styling myself and others, and there’s no fucking possible way I’m gunna go on an open-ended trip to see people I haven’t seen in years without packing every damn outfit possible for every damn different situation I may find myself in. I figure if I’m able to bury all the emotional baggage I’ve been carrying around for a few years now, then I should be able to reward myself by getting to take more LITERAL baggage. I’m pretty proud though, I managed to get it all in 2 suitcases and a backpack which is incredible. In all honesty though I am taking 65% of my wardrobe with me, I just know how to pack well and cram shit in tight places…(that’s what he said o.O. )


Anyway I’ll be blogging about what I wore and did as/after it happens so you’ll see those outfits later on. Plus I really want no one to know what I’m wearing so my super styling skillz are a surprise to everyone. Trust me these treads are freeessshhh. But I will give you a sneak peak today as to what I’ll be wearing ON  the journey to NC.

The Perfect Roadtrip Outfit

There are 5 things I keep in mind when planning out the RTO.

1. Sunglasses are the most important thing. I may be a little biased considering I legit have an addiction to sunglasses that I should probably seek rehab for, but during a road-trip you will want to make sure you bring along at bare minimum three pairs of sunglasses: one that you love love love, a back up pair in case you do outside day drinking and loose the first pair, and another back up pair in case you break the first back up pair. I’m bringing all of my sunnies with me because I have enough that I have a different pair to match each outfit and like I said: I really want to materialistically look impressive, I’ve done a lot of work on my insides, but no one’s jaw is going to drop when they see my new “inner beauty” from across the room. For the long journey up there I’m wearing my red wayfarers. I love the fit and retro awesomeness that comes from wearing a pair, I go for the “modern wayfarer” though, it’s frame is a tad bit wider so they fit my face better than the traditional. I’m wearing my red ones (though I do have them in multiple colors) because I love red, and they are my favs right now.


2. The outfit needs to be comfortable. Now clearly this should go without saying, but I will elaborate a little on what is comfortable to me: no jeans (I’ve expressed my hatred over and over and will save you the time today),  nothing I would have to wear a strapless bra (I have huge boobies, strapless bras=lots of chest pain later on during the day), nothing tight (that should go without explanation really), and I have to be able to sit Indian style (or Native American style…not sure what’s PC right now) without flashing my hoo-ha to my co-pilot who is a boy ( I have no romantical interest in homie whatsoever, he’s an awesome guy, however I know given the chance he’d try and sneak a peak at this Brittany’s Britney) so that rules out all skirts and dresses. Meaning for this journey I’ll be wearing some shorts.

3. It best be a fucking adorable outfit. I’ve mentioned a time or two now that I absolutely love taking pictures of myself when I’m high/bored/drunk/sober/looking good/looking better than good and I know that there’s a good chance on this journey that at some point I will be all of those things, and I want to look good in my photos, so this outfit has to be photo worthy. I love taking ironic silly tourist state line pictures, and stopping at rest areas looking like the most fabulous bitch in town so I have to combine comfort and adorability to get the look I’m going for this week.

4. Weather Versatility. I’ll be traveling from Central Florida where the weather is a lovely 82 degrees to North-Central North Carolina where the low drops down to 45 at night (WTF RIGHT?!??!) In 13 hours I’ll be dropping 4o degrees!!!! So I need something that I won’t sweat my ass off down here in, something that will look amazing when we stop in Savannah to pick up fresh peaches and pecans and take pics at a Plantation House, will be fully functional when we stop at South of the Boarder at 10:00 pm in Hamer, SC where it will be 58 when we have traditional tacos, tourist photo time, and tequila shots before finishing our journey in Mebane. Luckily even though it’ll be 45 when I arrive in town in NC I only have to make sure this outfit is warm enough to keep my panties from freezing when I run indoors. So to the outfit I’ve added my denim jacket, I know I use it a lot, I told you it’s a fucking investment yo, and a good one at that, mine’s still going strong after two years!
…it wouldn’t be a real Dirty South RoadTrip without wearing my cowgirl boots, and while I realize a few of you maybe scratching your heads like “wtf how are those comfortable or functional at all for a road-trip”, realize this: I’m not wearing shoes in the car, and boots are a way to remain stylish and prevent having to have open toed shoes on in a public restroom, and they’re easy to slip on and off. I won’t get started on how amazing boots are, because I know I’ve professed my love over and over, but my love does grow stronger everyday.
So here’s the 2012 Dirty South does Carolina Outtie:
I’ll try and stay up to date on this as I travel!! XXOOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOOXX
Magnolia Blossoms and Acorns,

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