Airport Attire/ Crisis

Sitting in Chicago waiting for the next flight. So bored. And so weird. I had an absolute blast. This trip was so full of awesome nights and caffeine fueled mornings. I’ve realized that even though I grew up in Florida and live here now, my home is in NC. My friends up there know me and love me and accept me for the train wreck that I am, don’t ask me to change, recognize my potential, and make me feel independent, free, and all warm and fuzzy(which is difficult up there since it is always so cold). I didn’t feel any different while I was there, but since I’ve been back I don’t feel the same. I’m definitely moving back in June, this trip gave me all the positive vibes I needed. There were some troubling occasions, naturally not everything’s perfect, but I still felt a sense of reassurance that everything would work itself out, I didn’t have a single panic attack until the day I left. Some kind if wonderful.

Anyway, I’m at the airport and it troubles me that flying has become so regular these days. I love the fashion fantasy days where flying was only for the rich and if you got on an airplane you dressed up for that special day in the clouds. I’m old fashioned and still do this, but it seems as if only 9% of the rest of the aviation population shares my views. Really, I don’t mean to be grim but flying isn’t the safest thing in the world, would you wanna die in that velour jumpsuit? Asshole.

Today I did my hair in a messy pony wore this adorable city-striped tunic, black leggings, my cowgirl boots(yes I want to be buried in these babies), and an oversized teal blazer.

Also I’ve attached some of my NC outfits for you too!









God Speed,

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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