FBO, off the market

So, exciting news world. Someone decided that they were crazy enough to try and settle my crazy ass down, or maybe he’s just adventurous and wants a thrill (probably the latter). After some dinner, drinks, drinks, and a couple more drinks my good friend Travie and I have made it Facebook Official. Whoa holy shit I know. He’s super fun and just a really great guy and when I’m with him I’m not worried about anything, I constantly smile, and I don’t think about fucking anyone else in the room. It must be love right?! He understands how much of a princess I am and let’s me get all fancy, actually he even thinks of things we can do together that I can appropriately get dressed up fancy for! <3.

Anyway having a real boyfriend is a little weird for me considering I've been living the single life for almost 4 years and even when I was in relationship game I was with someone who wasn't keen on going out and spending money when it wasn't necessary. So dating someone I care about that wants to make me happy and isn't just trying to get into my pants, but also into my heart is just so…. Different. In a good way of course.

Thursday we'll be going out to dinner together and you know me, I gotta dress the part of pretty little girlfriend that you can take in public not just to a dark corner booth at the bar. It's getting chillier at night, and I work til 6 on Thursday so I have to bring my change of date clothes with me cause I don't want to be in black&white on my first official date as a couple.

For Thursday I've picked this wonderful outtie casual and stylish: glitter chucks, black and silver accessories, and a charcoal lavender dress with a black lace back. It's a super sexy dress and looks very good on, but by keeping the accessories to a minimum and dressing it down with my tennies I can ensure that I look smokin' but also make sure I don't look like I'm trying too hard. Perfect night out with the bf look! Also there's some pics of Travie since we're so damn cute together.




Lovebugs and Lightening,

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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