Keeping up with my Kardashian sized ass. (It’s a long one…)

Happy Wednesday World. I have been so so busy lately, work and dating takes up like my entire life (I know so rough, shut up and roll your eyes already) I’m actually taking a conference call from home while I’m blogging. Excellent multi-tasking skills. I got to make another large purchase of work clothes with my check on Friday and you get to see it today!!! I went crazy over a lot of our new stuff that came out, and I went crazy over stripes just forewarning you!!

I’m really happy about all of my items cause everything is so cute and so me and I’ll wear it to events and going out not just for work, plus it’s all fun enough that if my Zumez crush sees me working across the hall he’ll see how cute I am and maybe ask me out for drinks after work (fingers crossed). I did have a full conversation about socks with him on Friday, found out he’s technically single!!! (I’m assuming there’s a friend with benefits but e made it clear he don’t wanna commit to her or buy her a Christmas present so Holla!!!)

Anyway here’s the new threads!!! 🙂

Forest Green Skinnys. Love the dark color it’s so rich and warm and perfect for being festive around the holidays, yet they’ll still look great with bright yellows and florals in the spring and summer!

Vertical Black and White Collarless Button-down with the knot detail. In love, very pirate chic and who doesn’t love a nautical fantasy?!

Coral and tan striped tank. Adorable, I love the color combo and it’s so comfy!!

Same tank, in black and white, told ya I went striped crazy. But seriously. I love this tank if we had more colors/patterns I’d of bought them all.

Camel Pencil Skirt. Hello size 6!! What what?! Being too poor for food is awesome sometimes! For reals though I wanted something in khaki and we all know how much I hate pants so the pencil skirt was a fun option that I quickly seized.

Seafoam Silk and Cotton blended shirt. 3/4 inch sleeves, super comfy and who doesn’t adore this color?!

Navy Blue Cardi with sparkly buttons. I love cozy grandma sweaters and I have quite a collection but I can only work in ones from work so I had to grab these when they came in!

In yellow too!!

Basic White Tee. I can wear it always, great staple item, and this ones a great quality so I’ll have it for a while!

Possibly my favorite piece. Navy and white maxi skirt!! It’s not very versatile, but it’s one of those items that makes its own statement and I am just in utter adoration of it.

That’s all the clothing purchased, however I have so many outfits now!!! Check em out! They are great for all occasions from work to date night to holiday party it’s all here!! 😉



















Last night my good friend Tug took me out to Davis Island for some post court ordered community service drinks and I had a blast. Warning: it’s not called a mind eraser for nothing. I ate fries with hot sauce on them, not a fan, but drunk B was hungry. I looked fabulous though so it was a good time!


He’s single and ready to mingle ladies Holla! We also went to yeomans where you can decorate dollas and staple them to the bar, it’s easily my favorite thing to do


Peanuts and Coca-Cola,

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