A few of my favorite things…

I’m so bad at being lazy lately. I haven’t been motivated to style or dress up or even go out to have a drink! Rough life! I’ve just been working so much but soon the holidays will be over and ill be complaining about how little I have to do, so I may as well enjoy this chaos while its here!!
Today was my first day off in a week and I finally did something that got my styling juices flowing! Mint manicure!! Yes I’m obsessed with this color and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner, added two gold glitter accent fingers for fun! And this inspired all the outfits featured in today’s post! What to wear with a fab new mint mani!!


After painting my nails I was inspired to do some fun shadow and to dress up my fingers!!




So I have been feeling like my closet is getting rather lack luster lately because since its Christmas time I haven’t bought anything new for myself and have been spending my money on presents. I know that I have some fabulous things to wear and I needed to remind myself of that. This weeks festivities involve a baby haze and mama b sleepover date (starting tomorrow after work), then an End of the World party out in Lakeland where I grew up. Now I want some photo fab looks for these events cause there will be pics taken and I must look killa there. Realistically I know I’m going to end up buying something new for the party, but going thru the closet my outfit inspiration is going to be: things I want to die in ( get it, it’s an end of the world party, duh) so I know I’ll be wearing my cowgirl boots and curly hair and a bow and glitter, and for damn sure these mint nails cause I’m for reals in love. Other than that options are open so I just threw some random shit out of my closet and played around, you’ll notice a more warm weathered theme, leave it to my brain to become attached to most of my summer clothes the week it gets cold down here. So here goes: a few of my favorite things that I own that I’d possibly die in…

Baby Haze actually bought me this sweater dress last year for Christmas and I was so happy. I love wearing things out of season sometimes, especially fun colors! This is my least favorite of the outfits though so I know it won’t be worn out this weekend, but I wanted the blog world to see it before the end of days…

I haven’t actually worn this skirt or scarf since they were purchased over 5 months ago, I love the simplistic approach to a big daisy printed scarf with cowgirl boots, this isn’t the end of times outfit, but I hope the world doesn’t end so I can wear this out.

Crochet top and teal blossom shorts. Happiness defined, but alas it will be chilly Friday night. :/ nexxxttt…

Wide coral stripes, denim, and chocolate brown accessories. This is my day outfit for hanging out with Hals Friday!! Fa’sho. Cozy and stylish gtfoh.

The next beach date I go on this is what I’m wearing, high waisted camel pencil skirt, front knot red and navy crop, fav red feather fedora and sandals!! So maybe ill meet a date or two at this shin dig… Fingers crossed 😉

Precious, and fancy, cute day to night look that I didn’t want to pass up, but I know it’s not the look. I love to pull tiny colors used in patterned shirts and then make bold statements with them in the outfit, like the bright yellow cardi and small yellow flowers on the purple shirt, adds a great contrast.

Thinking warmer clothing options. Cream jean love with a 3/4 inch navy blouse and a fun blue and white striped bow headband, wear with curls…

Lace shorts, black bow flats, black quilted cross body and cozy blush bow sweater. Great Florida winter outfit and super prissy prissy princess. I like it, just not sure I wanna throw down in it…

If it were summer and warm this would be my outfit hands down!! I loe this comfort and chill vibes that come from this cuteness. Comfy denim cute offs, gold cross body and sandals, wavy hair and coconut lotion and chap stick is all you’d need…

Pattern on pattern as I’ve mentioned several times is my favorite look. Baby pink and white small striped sweetheart tube top, high waisted bow belt light wag denim skirt and navy and cream polka dotted flyaway scream sorority sweet, which is a look I like from time to time, but alas it doesn’t say ” damn girl”

Just bought this cozy grey and lime green slouchy shirt from CottonOn, with cream jeans and brown accessories look out world I know how to dress! If its too cold for shorts on Friday this is what I’ll be rocking!!

And now for my all time favorite outfit ever: (drumroll please…)

Teal sailboat skirt, blush and white striped sweetheart tube top, white canvas espadrille wedges, Panama hat with a lavender band, cowgirl clutch in pink and teal, and bright bright arm candy!!! Ill find a way to incorporate sequins and some outerwear so i can rock this somewhere before the end of the world!!

So what do you want to die in? I’m going shopping Friday and could use some ideas!

Solar flares and shots of Jack,

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