The skinny, they’ll make a denim lover of me yet…

Sorry, it’s been forever since I’ve had time or motivation or inspiration to write but I’ve finally freed up my schedule some. Work has been hectic, one of my
Managers has been working at a different location and the other went on vacay leaving me in charge by myself for a week and a half, no biggie. I did get a glorious 2.75 day weekend. Spent the majority of it with my boyfriend (that’s right I got one now), and today I had to go in for a meeting, but now I’m home and ready to update you on my current spring obsession: Skinny Jeans.

Mind you, if you’re a follower you know how I feel about pants, I’m short and curvy so they never fit right, I either get a ridiculous amount of muffin top, their wayyyy too long, or they’re too big and hide my figure. This has all changed with one pant. The Limited, where I work, has just released Spring Preview, talk about love… Patterned skinnys, polka dots, and sleek neutrals are what is up!!! I went a lil Cray as per usual and stocked up on these bad boys since all of these items are fun for work and play! I buy the 678 style, they fit a little bigger so I’m actually a size 6 in these Holla! They are made with a lot of acrylic Lycra also, so they have an amazing stretch to them and provide the comfort of a yoga pant while you’re wearing them, yet you look like a functioning member of society, not a girl being visited by aunt flow…seriously best pants ever, leave them long and wear them with wedges for a wear to work, and cocktail hour look, or cuff them and throw on some tennies or sandals for fun daytime attire. Legit ladies, they’re perfection.

To show off their fabulous versatility I’ve done pics with both a for work and a for play option, best of both worlds and that shizzzz.

Keep in mind that for work, with denim I must always do a blazer, so we have some fab cream skinnys, the “Minnie Mouse” polka dot top, khaki suiting jacket with cuffed sleeves, and gold accessories for a touch of lush.

For play!! Cream skinnys, scandalous denim bralette, pearls and touches of red, when showing a lot of skin I try to keep simplistic approach with the accessories. One pop color will do the trick.

Polka dot Skinnys!!! Yes my fav new pants fa’sho. For work with khaki blazer, white oxford, canvas wedges, and a fun floral scarf. Looks put together and fashion forward, yet sellable for my clients.

After work: my fav Grateful Dead baseball tee adds a fun flirty pink, but still keeps the outfit vibe trendy, with cowgirl boots and a western inspired bag.

Floral Jeans! Everyone at work makes fun of me for loving these but I don’t even care. I dress them up with black wedges, a charcoal tank, and black blazer for work…

…and dress them down with a denim tunic top, white vintage waist belt, and grey vans for weekend thrifting!

Nice dark wash skinnys. I can basically do these with every single top I have for work with a blazer overtop, I love this new neutral silk top we got in, it’s nice and blousey and aside from looking great with denim it also is rockin’ tucked in to a black pencil skirt.

For a fun daytime look with the dark wash, cuff them with a fun sandal and halter top! Look still says polished with a touch of summer! 😉

Forest Green Skinnys: I can only wear these like one more time since they’re falling out of season for work, but on a day that I open and then plan on going out I’d totally wear them with black pumps, a flirty black lace top, and blazer…

….LOVE this, green skinnys and eyelet with touches of mint for accessories, not quite monochromatic, and not too girly, I think it’s a great combo of chic and cute.

And with the weather warming up I couldn’t resist putting just a few fun spring preview looks together for you…

Today I did a Young&Reckless tee(they’re so comfy and fun, seriously developing a little obsessed with this clothing company, good job Drama), and really bright makeup

For spring I love to do floral sundresses like all day everyday, mix em up, wear wedges, sandals, colored tennies, and yes even cowgirl boots…



I’m also really enjoying teals right now. This outfit reminds me of a current day princess jasmine, oh hey.


A finally, a kickass printed skirt! This one is of a mountain valley, but you can also find some fields of flowers and Grand Canyon prints online!! Funk this baby all up, just wear whatever you want with it, it already makes a statement cause of the print, so you can either dress it down very simply or wear some fancy shit with it and dress it up!!! Love love love this one!!


Levi’s and bandanas,

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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4 Responses to The skinny, they’ll make a denim lover of me yet…

  1. I need someone like you to come dress me. Please? 🙂

  2. jpaganessi says:

    So cute! I love those floral jeans, I think I must head shopping 🙂

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