I didn’t get this dressed up not to be seen

Looking cute is like my thing, legit. When people ask me what I do/like to do the answer is always look cute or make people look cute and sometimes I ask myself why.
The most obvious answer would be that I’m super vain and narcissistic and when I look good I feel good, it’s a big self-confidence boost and the compliments I get when I’m wearing a fabulous outfit really help maintain my inflated ego. However, other than that I enjoy looking cute because I directly link outfits to occasions and occasions to memories. Sometimes that’s not for the best, still can’t wear the most amazing black dress I bought to wear to my great-grandfathers funeral because of the fact that it was his funeral dress and I feel extremely uncomfortable and sad now when I think about wearing it. On the other hand I have sundresses that I adore also specifically because they’re linked to how much fun I had in them. My blue eyelet sundress being one of them, I wore it on 4th of July 2012 to a party with Haley, and to a fun date day with my good girlfriend when I went to visit Carolina. I’m rambling, point is: when I look my best I’m much happier and I feel like that helps create the mood/attitude I have when making memories, and I like to make a memory everyday so I want to look my best everyday to ensure that I have only the best memories.

That all being said here are some “event” outfits I’ve been sporting recently and the events I’ve been wearing them to.

Date night with boyfriend: it’s always a fun time to dress up of course when you have someone to look cute for, he’s really into style too (match made in heaven), so we always look cute together, and it’s good cause I never have an “off” day, don’t want to be out with him and have other bitches thinking “why the hell is he with her”, so it keeps me fancy and on my toes. He likes to be really active and always do something so here are some recent things/outfits we’ve done

Starbucks Date: wanted to look cool and edgey but stay warm, so I paired my camel pencil skirt with a rose colored tank that has tiny black skull and crossbones printed on it, tied a denim shirt up over that and threw on a chocolate moto jacket with matching combat boots. I felt like a real badass.


For a UFC fight night after work I was in work clothes, but still fun, navy striped maxi skirt, yellow cardi, and a sheer blousey white top, which I purchased in July and still hadn’t worn up until this night. It’s fun and comfy for chilling on the couch, yet it all came from Limited and looks polished so it was work appropriate

A date day in st.pete: Young and Reckless is one of my favorite tee shirt clothing lines because the cotton They use is so soft, and their saying are cute and girly but still say “I’m a wild child”, this one says “stay reckless”, white denim cut-offs and a navy vest to really add some depth to the outfit so it’s not just shorts and a tee, and then I topped it all off with messy hair and a big hot pink bow headband. Sometimes it’s fun to dress like you’re still 17, keeps you young.


A lazy Sunday movie date: I love simple sometimes, so this afternoon I wore my baggy boyfriend jeans, a white tee, natural make up, and the side of my hair bobby pinned up. Sometimes simple is sexy, and if you don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into your look but still want to look fashionable, white tees and denim is the way to go.

Another st Pete/Tampa date day with boyfriend full of thrift store shopping and outdoor eating: brown polyester shorts, a fabulous lux-graphic chiffon top, and a tasseled skinny belt. I love this new bold print trend that’s coming out, you just have to be careful when purchasing of the colors of the print, this one was nice neutrals with a pop of pastel coral, however if you do the same print in neons the look goes from sheik to cheap, so always pick these fun prints in classy colors.

And finally, world meet James my beau, he’s wonderful. Last night we went to the state fair to unleash our inner gluttons on all things fried so I wore an eyelet top that’s fitted at the top so my boobs look amazing, and it’s baggy at the bottom so I could eat and not show my food baby, with green jeans that had a lot of stretch to them, my cowgirl boots and a navy polka-dotted flyaway. We had the best time and now every time I wear any part of that outfit my memories of the fun times we had will be linked to those clothes!

Ill leave you with this, one of my favorite quotes and words to live by, and remember ladies, spending time on yourself and your look will always ultimately lead you to having a better time and creating better memories. When you leave the house think: if I was photographed today, would I look back on the picture in regret…


Porch Swings and Lemonade,

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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