Happy Birthday Weekend!

I officially suck at keeping up with a blog. Work is so insane, who knew the month of Easter would be almost equivalent to the week after Black Friday in retail? I have so much to dish on and about and have still been styling and profiling as always. Found out last month that James and I are expecting, so I’m very excited and thrilled for a new October arrival and anxious about dressing with a bump. Thankfully I’m not showing yet, but I am preparing to have quite a big bump considering my tiny frame, so lately my shopping has been all about things that will grow. I turned 25 friday as well! Big girl birthdays are fun and since I have to stay sober now I decided to plan a busy weekend. Friday I spent all day on the couch doing laundry and watching gossip girl but in the evening I had a nice steak dinner with family and dressed super fancy! I decided since its close to st Paddys day I would wear some green and I have these fantastic Gold Glitter Platforms that I literally haven’t worn since I bought them. So birthday outfit is a Lucky Little Leprechaun!

A black and white striped Peplum top, gold braided belt, green skinny jeans, super fun gold accessories and cross body, and my personal fav shoes that I never ever wear!

Saturday we went shopping at the Ellenton Outlets, I like to dress like I have tons of money to spend to ensure the best customer service in my shopping trips, but don’t want to over-do it either. A leopard print sun dress looks awesome with a 3/4 sleeve blazer, black sandals and a pop of yellow to make it fun and trendy!


Finally on Sunday we rocked it coast side at the beach, currently the weather’s wonderful but it’ll still too cold to get in the water, so I wore my bathing suit, but also wore this cute biddy over it! My mom bought me this incredible top for my birthday and paired with white shorts it’s the perfect low-key beach day bum ou


Now for how I spent my bday money!!! Paisley shorts and this funny tank! I seriously cannot get enough of the laid back/yet put together look. It screams fashionable and has personality written all over it without trying too hard. Almost natural, love this outfit!

Also I’ve started a tiny obsession with silky sundresses and blazers because its seriously the most comfortable outfit ever, and so polished!


I’m really going to try and keep up with this more often! Just been so scatter-brained and crazy lately it’s hard to even keep up with my own thoughts!! Here’s some action shots from this weekend!! James and I doin’ it up an some fun sister faces!











Candles and Confetti,

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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