Magical Places and Dinners

A month and a half later, sorry this pregnancy thing is killing my energy levels. Literally all I want to do after work is eat and sleep. 😴 But I’m finally out of my first trimester and mustering up some inspiration and energy to post and go do things! I’ve made a lot of recent purchases at work that’ll easily grow with me as I get bigger that I can’t wait to show you, but I’ve also got some upcoming events I’ve been wardrobing for!!!

For starters Disneyworld on Sat!!! I know we’re going to take a million pics, and the WHOLE family is going (little sis, bro, bros gf &gfs baby girl, mom stepdad and baby daddy!!!) so I gotta look on point! I haven’t exactly settled on an outfit yet, but the theme is to dress semi-casually like a Disney character (similar to the DisneyBound tumblr) and stay comfortable(because of all the walking and stuffing my face I’m sure ill be doing). So as always we start by eliminating pants since its going to be hot, denim shorts ride up when I walk so they get ruled out too. I’m thinking dress or skirt&top combo with canvas shoes and light but not unnoticeable accessories. Now I fully only want to dress as either Minnie Mouse(I mean c’mon I have a HUGE obsession with bows), Daisy Duck(though I have a feeling we won’t run into her πŸ˜“), or a blonde princess since I am blonde, I like to keep it believable that I could potentially be a real life knocked up midget princess on her day off… Seriously. So princess wise I could dress as Cinderella, Aurora, Tinkerbell (but she’s already been taken by the adorable miss Hayden, future niece in law), or Alice. Here I have selected the outfits I’ve narrowed it down to… I may need help deciding so feel free to give me input, also I may go on a shopping trip before then for a polka dot skirt for the Minnie Mouse look… Still very indecisive







I put together some brunette princess looks for my sister too…




Tomorrow night we’re taking James’ aunt to dinner for her birthday. Going right after work so I have to wear cute work clothes that are day to night! Love this colorful 70s print sheer top with our 917 skinnys(thank God I can still wear them!!)


Couple fun daytime outties I’ve been sporting lately! Including the Cinderella romper πŸ˜‰ fun times! Love mixing stuff up with accessories and summer is so close so I like to keep the colors light and the textures flirty! My new seersucker blazer is my absolute fav!







I promise to update once a week from now on!!!

Fairy Dust and Wishing Stars,

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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