Got Georgia on my mind, with Cash and the Avett Brothers

I can hardly believe it but so many great things are happening!!!
A: Friday night we found out we’re expecting a little baby BOY! His name will be Cash Tillman and in honor of his rock’n’roll name we had a fun gender reveal movie screening for our family. We had decided to name a girl Gatsby, and so our family knew in advance if Walk the Line played Baby Clark was a boy and if The Great Gatsby played baby was a girl. We set up some movie decorations and my mom made these cute movie tickets… In the end Walk the line played and everyone was super excited!!! I wore my western plains printed skirt with a plain white v neck and navy cardigan. I wanted to go with a blue theme since I had a feeling baby was a boy.



Lots of good fun! Then Sunday James took me to see The Great Gatsby. I wanted to feel like I was part of the show so I may have gotten a tad dressed up for the occasion! A regal purple peplum skirt (only $12 at The Limited), black V neck($15 at The Limited and sooo soft), gold glitter platforms, and long pearls. I wanted to do a 20’s outfit with a modern twist and I loved this. On a side note: my pregnant feet got swollen during the movie and I had to walk barefoot out of the theater 😱 it was funny. A friend of mine that works at Bare Minerals did some fun eye make up for me! He said it was a special Mother’s Day gift for me! I sure felt lucky!



Last but not least in this weeks excitement is VACaY!!! Thursday after work James and I are leaving for Georgia!!! Friday is an Avett Brothers concert with Old Crow Medicine Show and I couldn’t be more excited to see them live!!! So clearly I have to pack! For the road trip I’ve picked this super comfortable teal maxi dress from Francesca’s Collections. It’s cute, and provides easy movement and has been growing well with my “tell-tale baby bump”.

Added a pop of hot pink for my bag, which is also from Francesca’s.
For Friday which is The Avett Brothers concert I picked this western tribal fishtail skirt from The Limited with a denim shirt, sandals, and some fun arm candy. I love love love this skirt so I’m so excited to finally wear it!

Saturday will be a day full of fun shopping with my step-grandparents and then an easy night that I’m not quite sure of the activities that may unfold with my dad and younger siblings so I’m wearing my American Rags hippie lace dress with a distressed mint green belt, sandals and my fav new summer fedora. Should be awesome no matter what we do!

Finally for out last day in Georgia which will probably be full of more shopping and looking for souvenirs and ending in a long car ride back to the F-L, I picked some fabulously cozy denim cut offs, a mustard zebra printed tunic from New York and Company and my favorite suede garden boots from, you guessed it Frannies…

I’m so excited for this road trip and I’m also 80% sure that 2 of these outfits will change after I get paid and go shopping, or more than likely I’ll have some wardrobe changes and wear more than one outtie a day. Either way you’ll see next week!

This is what I ended up wearing to Disney!

We so cute, I know! 😉

Slurpees and Slim-Jim’s,

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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