Swag: what happens when I get bored

Georgia was fantastic! The Avett Brothers was the best concert I’ve ever been to in my entire life! We only had lawn seats and it started down pouring but we did not mind at all, just part of the experience, actually made it feel more real and magical. ☺



The following day we shopped and then my dad threw us a surprise mini baby shower. Was so sweet and such a nice time! He’s got great friends! Everyone’s so nice in GA!


Alas our Georgia vacay had to end so on our way out of the state we all stopped in ATL for a tour of World of Coke and a gourmet burger at FLiP Burger Boutique. A fantastic ending to an awesome weekend.




So that’s my trip summed up. Next time we go up there we’re definitely going to eat at The Varsity and tour The Atlanta Aquarium! Can’t wait to go back!

Anywho, today I’m off and after doing a major room/closet purge to get prepped for a yardsale we’re having tomorrow, I’m extremely bored. I found a TON of fashion magazines under my bed though, and since I’ve been feeling a little lack-luster this week I decided to flip thru them and get some inspiration! After I find my inspiration I always like to go to my closet and pull stuff that I have that’s similar, saves money and often helps me dust off some old pieces that have been hiding in the back of my closet.
Here’s my inspiration, pulled straight outta Harper’s, Elle and Marie Claire.

Look One: almost like Tommy Hilfiger meets Mick Jagger. I have a slight obsession with prep school anyway. The colors so vibrant and contrasting, what’s not to love?! But the way they style these traditional preppy colors with edgier accents makes me über drool. My take on the look:

Red Crops, Black and White striped button down, wedges with a gold accent, gold sequin mini-bag, and for an added edge black blazer with faux leather sleeves and a little pattern on pattern with the luxe-print vintage scarf.

Look Two: Black and White, Boy meets Girl. I adore a masculine & femme suiting look, and since I can wear black and white to work no matter where it comes from, so that gives me extra motivation to try some of these new ways to wear the classics.

My takes: gunna have a couple just because I really love this look, plus black is super slimming, and while I’m not as obsessed with it as Rachel Zoe, I am growing fond of things that make me looks less prego.

The back and cleavage of this dress are completely sheer making it oh-so-sexy, it’s subtly textured in a paisley print (😍) and paired with a basic heel and chain looks classy, but since we’re playing with mixing up my look a tad I added a white leather moto jacket for edge.

Pleated mini skirt and a tuxedo inspired chiffon blouse, simple, easy and comfy. A great go-to that’s really low-fuss and ultra-chic

Almost the same look just glammed out and edged up a smidge. I opted for a more fitted mini, with a ruffled top(notice the tuxedo button details on the wrist though!!!), black blazer, and to keep it comfortable a ballet flat. This is the perfect mix of masculine&femme to me.
Finally to end this chapter: a wide leg black pant, black and white geometric printed peplum top with touches of leather on the mini-cap sleeves, accessorized with bold brassy golds.
Happy to have some new work ensembles to say the least!

Look Three: inspired by colors and patterns and texture mixing and ready for summer! By far these are some of my favorite inspirations and favorite outfits I’ve assembled in quite some time!


My Takes:
For starters, blazers and mini dresses!!!!!!! Ahh blazers with shorts and dresses are one of my favorite pairings!! No matter what you’re wearin a blazer always polishes up a look. A blazer could even make a neon mesh top look more daytime chic and less strip-clubesque if you wanted to class it up for community college before your nighttime shift at The Dollhouse (joking never wear mesh please).
But my examples are a neon micro mini dress and also lace shorts! Paired with some other fun textures these looks can go from summer day to summer night really easily and show a lot of your fun side!


I don’t know why I’ve never tried a sequin daytime look, but I’m grateful I tried today! Blush sequin skirt and kept it simple with a matching color palette, brown wedges, a sand blouse, and maroon cross body, then added a little flair with the navy sailboat scarf. I’m seriously in love with this look, literally am about to put it on to go out with James!

And finally, last but not least by any means the underdone leopard dress. It’s one of the most comfortable things I own esp since my belly is growing, yet I never wear it, I always think it’s too Jersey Shore to do anything but dress it up. However, it’s adorable with a denim vest, red belt and fedora! I’d actually swap the shoes for my red converse, but they are at Homeboys house and not with me for a photo op 😞. Oh well maybe next time!

Feelin pretty productive! About to relax for the rest of the evening with my boo and see Hangover 3, then work retail all Memorial Day weekend long!!

Sailboats and Sea Turtles,

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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