Puttin my face on

Good afternoon world! First day off that I haven’t been crazy busy! Doctors appt this morning went well, got to see Cash! He’s such a cute in-utero baby ❤👶.
I haven’t been doing too much other than working lately, but I did buy some very amazing work pieces. For starters: even though I can’t button or zip them currently I did get some awesome white skinny jeans, they fit great in my legs and are an essential summer staple so I use my fabulous belly band and cover that with a long tank, and they look awesome and I get to avoid buying maternity clothes! I paired them with a fabulously slimming black blouse from the limited my fav new fedora and a great new pair of sandals. I went a little shop happy once I found out I was done paying the doctors for this baby!

Also for work I got a Chambray Blazer! Great for a day-to-night look in the summer. I like it best paired with a nude lace top and shorts for a day off!!


Last work piece I decided to indulge in my current addiction to shift dresses. They’re great to wear before/during/after pregnancy, cause at the right length they make your legs look amazing, hide a tummy, and once you’re big enough they can be paired with a belt and leggings to really emphasize baby! This one from The Limited is in a fun 70’s inspired blue pattern with a rectangle cutout up top for added drama.


Since I’m clearly getting a baby belly now I also bought some awesome pieces that are comfy, stylish and bump friendly!
The first being a pair of leggings and this oversized black and white striped top, both from Forever21, the whole outfit was only $8, and paired with red chucks is so much fun! Great for one of the many movie nights we’ll have during this month of fabulous premiers!


I also had to add another shift dress to my growing collection. This one is from Francesca’s Collections, in a seafoam and navy chevron. I adore.


Enough with the purchases though, I learned a lot while I was so poor from paying all the doctors but mainly it was to really look polished you must complete the look: meaning yes you do have to take necessary time to do make up and hair before you leave the house. However, this doesn’t have to be a time-consuming activity. I always say to even out your complexion by applying a liquid then a powder version of foundations. Now at Target I just found my next easy step. A great creme shimmer blush. A little dab’l do ya, and ELF cosmetics makes a great one for just $2! It really adds that extra something for your face. I put mine on cheekbones and in the corner of my eyes just to brighten them up a little!


Definitely always wear mascara, and then your eye shadow is really determined by your lip of choice. When I’m doing a darker lip on an everyday casual face I like to keep my eyes neutral and natural, so the focal point is my colorful pout. I just found this amazing beachy coral color which is right on trend for summer lipsticks, and was only $1! I love me some cheap fashion forward finds!


Lips are so fun! When I do a more neutral lip however, I love to do a darker smokey eye. Just like any rule with skin don’t overdue it unless you want to look like a whore, for example, don’t go out flaunting your chest, legs, and ass all at the same time. Same applys to make-up: Don’t smokey eye, red lip, fake lash, bronzer, crazy colors all at the same time, or else you’ll end up looking a hot mess instead of hot.
I do love this new nude lipstick I found at Forever 21 though, just $4 and it tastes like coconuts!


Last but not least I was way overdue for a new nail polish, this magenta is like my end all be all. It screams I’m a girly girl, yet has hints of darker purples in it to kind of edge it out. Like “Malibu Barbie does Coke for the first time” Just a little on the rocker end of Pink.


To finish off your look we can’t forget hair. Now, I’m not one to do my hair that often, but I’ve found that just by simply adding a braid or twist to your daily pony or bun, it can really add an extra touch of fashion flare to your hair on those days you don’t feel like brushing or washing it. (trust me I have a TON of those days now)


In summary it’s always not about how much you spend or the price tags associated with your look, its about the amount of effort and personalization you put behind it. You’re never going to rock red lips without confidence, even if you pay $50 for Dior’s creme stick, but if you believe in what you’re wearing, and look at yourself with love when you see your reflection, then even your $1 NYC lips will make mouths drop.

Maybe she's born with it… Maybe it's Maybelline,

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    I love your style!


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