Sunnies, Fedoras, it’s Summer! Oh my!

Holy mother of Florida summer is here, and it’s makin me hotttt!

Being pregnant is not a walk in the park at all, in fact I have no urge to walk since I have one (not two only one) swollen foot, which came with a free cankle too, lucky me. And now most of my absolute favorite clothes are now too small. 😔 But that makes for a great shopping excuse, however since I don’t plan on being this big for long (only 18 more weeks!!) I want to stick to buying basic items I can reuse, and lots of new accessories.

My favorite accessories are fedoras, scarves, and sunglasses! They are so so cute, add perfect personalization to most simple outfits and never go out of style!

I go for more woven fedoras in the summer and switch them out for fabric/felt ones in winter/fall.
So far, stealing some from baby daddy also, this is my Summer 2013 Fedora collection:

Straw with black band


White-washed wicker with Americana band, Sooo perfect for the 4th!

Light straw with a black band and red duck feather:

Light faux-wicker with pink floral band (Charlotte Russe $10)


And my newest and most favorite of all from Forever 21 ($15) a stained straw with black band and black feather detail!


Just remember only one fedora per group!!! 😝😏


And you can’t have the perfect summer without the perfect shades!!! Thanks to The Limited for having some at work, Charlotte Russe for constantly running $5 sunglasses promos, and CottonOn for having 2/$10 sunnies always, I’ve added quite a few to my already enormous collection.
New for summer so far we have:

Giant Tortoise shell with soft purple tint


Nude Biggies with Gold studs

Coral Wayfarers

Oversized Mint Wayfarers

If aviators and wayfarers made babies with a Tom Ford lookalike:

And finally a classic that every girl should own, heart shaped red sunnies, for when you’re feelin love…

I know this wont be the end of my collection, I always try and go for something with a touch of fun when I pick my sunglasses because, while I do think they should color coordinate with your outfit they don’t have to be an exact match, and they’re any easy way to show off your playful side, but still look put together!

Me and my little sister, we love funny faces and great sunglasses.

Also remember tomorrow is National Sunglasses Day, so definitely rep your fav pair, or treat yourself to a new pair to celebrate the holiday 😉

Sorbet and Strawberries,

About britaknee

I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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