Happy Anniversary!

I was completely unaware until wordpress reminded me today, that I’ve now been blogging for an entire year! And what an insane and perfect year to start blogging I might add. Thinking and looking back on older posts has made me reminisce, when we started out I had an obsession with my cowgirl boots, PBR, and wanted to convey to my readers that life is all about having a good time and looking your best while having said good time. I hated pants, the word ‘no’, and anything to do with being sober… I look back and remember fondly that lost little girl who just loved to have too much fun.


That was August, September flew by, and before we knew it this little girl was on a trip to Carolina, with a heart full of hope that she’d run into an ex-flame and look damn good doing it..


Happy Fall Ya'll

I secretly wished and hoped and plotted on ways to stay there I had such a good time on that trip, but a phone call and an offer I couldn’t refuse from The Limited changed that, and after 13 wonderful days, a couple nights I cant remember, and a lost denim jacket later,  I packed up and headed back to start my career with a company known for it’s professionalism, something I really needed work on…a couple paychecks, floorsets, and a great team really helped my come into my own, and before I knew it a few months had passed, I was drinking less, and wearing blazers on an almost daily basis.


Christmas came and went


Then along came January, and with the new year came a new boy, only he wasn’t a boy this time, he was a man, and little did I know he was about to majorly change my life. January brought James.


February brought us lots of love and the exciting and very unexpected news that we were expecting.

In March I turned 25, that was rather uneventful though, ate some steak.
April added two blessings to our lives: Shannon and Hayden, my brother proposed to his girlfriend making her and her beautiful daughter part of our family.

Didn’t stop there either! Then Baby Sis turned 16! She gets more and more beautiful everyday

In May we traveled to GA to watch The Avett Brothers, and hang out with my pops, found out our bundle of joy was a baby boy, and decided his name would be Cash Tillman, after the two greatest Johns that ever lived…

June and July were very uneventful and nothing much but work and doctors appointments happened, but now as August is among us great things are on the horizon and that start to a new year of blogging with so many events coming up means lots and lots of new posts.

September will bring on the move into our first place for our family to start out in (so expect lots of home decor posts), we’re also looking forward to our “Rock”-n-Roll baby shower in late September, and October brings about the finishing touches on a nursery and baby prepping for weeks until baby Cash greets us!

It’s astounding, and awesome that all this has happened in a year, I wouldn’t have guessed a year ago I’d not only have found the love of my life, but I’d also be trading in Vodka bottles for baby bottles AND BE EXCITED ABOUT IT?!

I’m so grateful that not only have I been able to catalog these changes, but I’ve also had people reading them and living them with me! Thank you all for sharing this journey with me! The best is yet to come!

We did our first round of Maternity Pics yesterday and while I don’t have many yet, here’s our sneak peak!

Green Grass and Goobers,

About britaknee

I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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2 Responses to Happy Anniversary!

  1. bookofmohs says:

    Happy anniversary, wow you’re life majorly changed in a year 🙂

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