Elastic doesn’t mean you’re giving up on Life

Moving On to Month 7 today. I’m really excited to get this over with! Heading into my very last trimester makes me happier than a kid on Christmas Eve, but now is when everything’s hitting the fan. I’m getting uncontrollably gianormous, so belly banding my skinny jeans is now completely not an option. I never thought Id come to the day when I cared more about how the outfit felt than how it looks, yet we have arrived at that day. I constantly roll my eyes at women who wear sweat pants in public, so I can’t make myself into one of them. I firmly believe you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort, and today I will scientifically prove my theory with stretchy clothes! Cotton is perfect, stretchy, cozy, comfy, and the great news is none of the items I’ve purchased are “Maternity”, meaning I’m not spending an extra $15-$20 per article of clothing just for it to say its comfortable for an expanding belly. Most of what I buy that doesn’t come from The Limited doesn’t have a price tag over $20, leaving me plenty of money to spurge on adorable baby clothes!

First things first: Maxi Dresses. I mean duh, right?! The long length of them not only provides the assurance it’ll last throughout the final few months when your belly gets so big you quite literally think you’re going to explode, but it also elongates you making you seem a little smaller than the whale self you’re feeling like these days. I love to wear printed maxis with big jewelry and I like to mix up my solid ones with a shirt or sweater detail just to add some flare so it doesn’t seem like I’m wearing the same thing over and over

My many maxis found at The Limited or Ross:

Mix it up with a high bun and a chambray button down to add some style:


Next Cozy Item that I love for wear to work because it is professional, cute and oh-so-comfy: Ponte Pencil Skirts. Found at *surprise surprise* The Limited, and I got them on sale for $20! The Ponte material stretches like the cotton/acrylic Lycra blend it is, but it’s not too heavy so it’s a perfect Prego fabric.

My Collection has gotten rather extensive, but get this I’m wearing a size 10 comfortably and I’m over 7 months, they last for a good amount of time.

For a funner outfit wear a tribal print top tucked in and bloused out.


Leggings and long tanks. It’s no secret where to find leggings and that they are always going to provide the comfort and elasticity you need for this baby who’s slowly taking over your stomach, I get mine on the cheap cheap at Forever21 (2/$10), easy washer dryer, as low maintenance as it gets. However just because you’re pregnant does not mean you can break Cardinal legging rule #1: your shirt has to cover your crotchal region and butt. I should not be able to tell if you have camel toe or a thong on when you’re wearing leggings in public. The good news is instead of buying a maternity tank for $25 at Target you can go to CottonOn and get their “Jammie Tank” for $9.95, go ahead get a few, I sure did. These tanks are super lightweight and extra long so you CAN wear them with leggings without showing any unnecessary business.


When wearing a simple outfit like this I prefer to dress it up with some accessories: chunky jewelry, hats, scarves, you name it just pile it on so I can look more put together!


Body Con Skirts: similar to the Ponte pencil just a tad shorter and more casual, these are fun for the weekend. Found at CottonOn (2/$15), and PacSun (online $10)


Wear them casually with some sandals a tank and fun jewelry and you’ve got yourself an outfit that will get you a ton of those “you are the cutest pregnant person ever” compliments

Last but certainly not least on my fav pregnancy clothes countdown is Shirt Dresses! Hello!!! whoever invented these is my hero! What’s perfect about them is coming up on fall they pair perfectly with tights and boots, and even when I’m not knocked up ill be able to wear them as a baggy shirt dress ill just belt the look when this belly is finally not in my way! Forever 21 has long sleeves ones for $8, and CottonOn has the short sleeved ones on sale for $5! They are blessings I tell ya what…


I do enjoy pairing them with a long sleeved button down tied up above my bump to accentuate the bump and that I’m pregnant not just fat.


Or you can dress it up with a cute blazer and some jewelry for a more business casual work look.


So there ya go, don’t sacrifice your fabulousness just because Motherhood Maternity wants to charge you $70 for maternity jeans and the only thing you can fit into that’s affordable is sweat pants, get creative, get your pregnant girl glow on!

Pickle Chips and Peanut Butter,

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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3 Responses to Elastic doesn’t mean you’re giving up on Life

  1. Mel says:

    Just found your blog. I’m 29 weeks…so in my 8th month and I LOVE the clothes you’re showing. I’m all about yoga pants, leggings, and cute/butt covering shirts!

    Thanks for the ideas and where to get them!

  2. huppiemama says:

    Cute post!! Great ideas 🙂

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