Moving in the first time with the last guy I’ll ever live with

After a long weekend and a lot of work I’m happy to say we’re all moved and settled into our new home. When we met James and I were both between leases staying at our parents places. We had originally planned to up and move to a new city together and start our lives anew in April, however when we found out we were expecting financially we decided the best option for us and our child would be to stay at home til my 8th month, save that money and start stock-piling baby essentials. It’s been a long haul waiting, and looking for the right place, but we found it, signed a lease and have just been waiting for it to be vacated for the past three weeks! It’s been such a long 3 weeks since we signed the lease so needless to say we were all ready to move on Friday when the keys were ready for us!

Now since we like to spend money on important things like clothes (a joke btw) we had a furnishing budget of just $375 for this apartment. Thankfully I already had a couch, and he had a flat screen TV. Other than that we had NOTHING! I’m crafty though and I love to rehabilitate old furniture, I’ve done it before and damn it I was determined to do it again, this time I needed a lot more stuff though. First things first off to Goodwill, it’s amazing what you can find and how cheap you can find it at a thrift store, when looking at furniture always remember if you stick to getting pieces made of real wood (no particle board crap) then there’s nothing a sander, wood glue, and paint won’t be able to fix.

At Goodwill we found one basic round end table for $5, a kitchen table for $20, and two chairs that completely were different shades of cream but both had nice similar oak seats for $5 each as well.


Unfortunately this is the only before pic I have, just know the table was white and stained in places. My stepdad thought that being pregnant I shouldn’t be spray painting things, so he was so helpful and did all the painting with James while I was at work one day. Here’s the chairs after a can of black mate spray paint, the oak on the seats of the chairs lifted off so we were able to ensure they stayed looking nice


And here’s the finished product in my new a fav spot, I call it mi petit cafe. Got these incredible floor to ceiling posters from an old floor set at work, used Velcro command strips to hang them up behind the table, topped it off with some Ikea finds and candles, and an ihome to play French music while I eat


Total kitchen cost: $40, leaving us with $335 for the rest of the house. Next I tackled the bedroom, my lovely co-worker Danielle just so happened to be moving and offered us her bed frame, for free!!! It’s not exactly my style with it being exposed blank wood so I decided the best color for it would be mustard. Great for shabby chic and it’s still a light color so if we wanted to paint it a different color later on it wouldn’t be hard to cover.
Before: beautiful, but a basic bare wood


After: it almost looks the same, just a hint of color on it


And the finished product! The bedding itself cost about $80, between Target for sheets and Ross for the comforter, that was part of a separate budget. So basically out only expense for the bed was $10 for paint.


Oooh, isn’t it dreamy?!?!
Furniture budget left: $325
Next we needed things to put our TVs on, one for the living room and one for the bedroom. I was able to find a nice new still in the box assemble it yourself at home stand that worked for the living room at Walmart for $25. It’s basic and black and doesn’t take up unnecessary room like a lot of entertainment centers do.


For the bedroom we found this awesome bookshelf with adjustable shelving that was perfect to house a TV and some cute pics as well as our books. Got it while we were yard-saling one Saturday morning for $20!


Furniture Budget left after those two items: $280.
We needed a coffee table for the living room really bad, my couch is red microfiber so when I found this on Craigslist for $40 I couldn’t pass it up, it’s more than I’d normally spend on a coffee table given the furniture budget, however it is just too unique of a find to pass up.


Dwindling done that budget we had: $240 left.
Found a great bookshelf for Cash’s room at a yardsale and they only wanted $5 for it, we just had to get it no matter how unnecessary it was.


With the remaining $235 we needed another seating piece for the living room, two night stands, and a glider for Cash’s room. Found a fabulous glider on Craigslist for $50 in nearly mint condition. I tell you, Craigslist for furniture has become like our best friend.


With $185 left, we found a seating solution, I mean as much as I wish I could take credit for it my mom actually found this at a yardsale for $25 and gifted it to us. She’s so sweet, it’s the same fabric as my couch just a different color, so we added a $10 throw blanket in red to this one, and a pillow and throw to the red couch in the neutral tones to pull the whole room together as make it Cohesive.



We found nightstands at yet another yardsale for $1 and $5 that we are going to paint today, making the cost of the pair around $17, plus the $25 for the couch accessories left us with an extra $143!
We spent about $20 on decor towels and a nice shower curtain/hook set to spruce up the bathroom. Hello Garnet and Gold! Can you tell we’re FSU fans?!


We combined the remainder $123 with $20 of other money to upgrade our bedroom TV from the old one I had to a new LED/HD/(insert other letters that I have no idea what they mean here) flat screen TV, which we found on the cheap for $150 at Walmart!

So there you have it, home furnishings under $400, it’s really easy you just need to put time and effort into finding quality pieces and being dedicated enough to follow through with fixing them up!

James and I were pooped after moving! So happy to be settled and home though!


Next up: DIY baby shower invites and a backyard BBQ coed baby shower! It’s going to be a busy month!

Lanterns and Lightening bugs,

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  1. Gail rambo says:

    Looks awesome!

  2. Katie says:

    Great job! Can’t wait to see it in person.

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