2 Chainz, or at least one big necklace…

Only 3 weeks til I can wear things not entirely made of cotton again! Thankfully I’m on maternity leave from work now and I don’t have to worry about wearing work clothes, because I would not be able to if it was necessary. I have literally 8 dresses I can wear at this point, and will be alternating them with outerwear and accessories to change up my looks each day. One thing I’ve really become fond of is statement necklaces, they are so fabulous and make you feel really chic and fashion forward without having to spend too much money or put a lot of effort into it!

I’m starting quite the collection…


I’m demonstrating today wearing just a basic white tank, seriously the necklace makes the outfit. To make it simple I’ve broken it down into 5 different statement necklace categories. It’s really not difficult to maintain a fabulous collection if you make sure you start out with one necklace from each category, then add from there. If you play your cards right and pay attention to sales you’ll be able to pick up one from each for under $50 in a month. The Limited is constantly running BOGO on jewelry, Charlotte Russe always does 2/$10, Forever 21 doesn’t have any jewelry over $10, and lets not forget Dept. Store Clearance Sales! The deals are there just keep an eye out for them!

Plain White Tank, blah


Now to add some pizazz…

a statement pop of color

I got this piece for $4.98 on clearance at Francesca’s Collections. A pop of color is a great way to wear a white tank with a cozy pair of blue jeans!

a chunky piece of gold

Is it an angel wing or a leaf? I don’t know, but I love this one. On sale at The Limited for $14.98 with an additional 40% off, I snagged it up for $9! A solid chunky piece is a good way to start wearing jewelry if you’re new to this, not too over the top and will be able to be worn with several other articles of clothing you own!

long and strong

A great way to go if you want to add some excitement to your current look, I recommend a piece like this for someone who is trendy but wants something “different” to add to their current collection. These are great for throwing over patterned shirts, or old band tees, really edgy, really awesome. Again this is a Limited piece $9.98.


Because sometimes we need to feel glamorous and simply don’t have an A-Listers wardrobe budget. This is perfection with anything you may have in your closet, literally throw sparkle on anything and it will look incredible. I did splurge on this one, $34.90 at The Limited but I was able to get two necklaces since they were running a BOGO jewelry sale, making it reasonable for sure, plus it makes me feel like Elizabeth Taylor so it’s well worth it!

Last but not least

the perfect pearl

Classic&Classy. A long strand doubled up, tied in a knot, or a multiple strand, it really doesn’t matter. My personal pearl motto is The bigger the better. I bought this multiple layered pearl necklace at Francesca’s on clearance for $9.98. I know Forever 21 happens to carry them year round for the same price in multiples sizes and colors. This one is a must have though, a serious must have.

A different way to wear them that I am loving for fall that I highly recommend attempting on your own for fun is wearing a statement necklace almost in a “woman tie” style, a collar under your collared shirts. Make sure you button your buttons all the way up, and pop your collar over the necklace so it really just hangs beautifully.
Got this coin-layered choker at Forever 21 for my baby shower, wanted to rep Cash 😉


Keep Shining!

Rhinestones and Rollers,

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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