Fall Fashion, wishes to fast forward to…

A day late, please forgive me, I spent literally all of yesterday in bed. I’ve read and been told by several people that you start nesting and get crazy energy spurts during the final few weeks of your pregnancy, however it seems like the opposite is happening to me. Granted I know I have several things to do, and check a couple of them off each day, but I have zero motivation to turn off Netflix, get out of bed and actually go out into the world. James offered to take me candle shopping later today (yes I love love love love love candles), and I’m oddly enough almost dreading it. However, I did muster enough energy today to give you guys something. It’s short and may not be much, so keep your expectations at an all time low, but it’s something nonetheless. Today I’m going to talk about what I’m excited to put back on after this baby comes out. Mind you I realize I gained some actual weight too and this big tummy isn’t all baby, but for the most part, with minor modifications I should be back in these clothes by a week before Thanksgiving! I can’t wait! It’s cooled down a whole 5 degrees outside too, so I’m in the spirit for fall clothes!

For starters I can’t wait to put on jeans that I can button again!!! Don’t get me wrong, elastic belly bands are so super comfortable, but there’s just something about a button and a zipper that make you feel like a real human being.

My biggest excitement is for my green skinnys that I bought at The Limited last winter, I’m sure they’ll have something similar out soon, so if you love them as much as I do keep your eyes peeled. First things first is a funked up look with a white tuxedo blazer and gold sparkle heels!!


I’m also extremely excited for my planned Thanksgiving outfit. Yes you CAN in fact wear white after Labor Day, as long as you supplement with basic neutral tones throughout the remainder of your ensemble. I adore this oversized printed sweater, again yes from The Limited.


I’m also really excited for the ability to wear real shoes not just flip flops anymore!!! Boots are my all time love, we knew that already. My fav being these plaid Roxy hidden wedge boots. Perfect with a denim on denim look for season!


And soon I’ll be able to dress up again! To wear sequins and heels! Oh someone book a date night with me now! 😉


My favorite look that I’m looking forward to wearing has got to be mini skirts paired with patterned tights and boots though! I simply CAN NOT WAIT until I don’t have this huge baby bump that has been turning my mini skirts into what appears to be crotchless panties on me right now… And how adorable is this Limited plaid button down?!?! It reminds me of Tommy Hilfiger in Aspen. It’ll be a perfect year round top though!


Last but not least I am asking for some help. Obviously lots of photos are taken the day baby comes home, and since I am prepping our hospital bags now I have a hard time deciding which outfits I want to come home in! Please give me some opinions.

Do I do this modern sea blue/grey palate for us? Cash wearing this:

And me wearing this:


Or do I have us be all cool and hip with Cash wearing this:

And this one for myself:

Mind you I think of everything and both these outfits fit me now, just a tad tightly but still they fit with baby in me so I know they’ll fit extremely comfortably when he’s on the outside! Both are easy to pull up and put on in case of a c-section also. I have my bases covered I just can’t make up my mind!

And OMG can I pause for a moment and mention how I don’t understand how anyone without a college degree has assembled anything for a baby? James and I took hours putting these basic items together, it was damn near impossible, but thankfully we accomplished the task. I don’t know what I’d of done without James though! Props to the single moms out there!




Hopefully we’ll see Cash soon! If I don’t go into labor you will still have a delicious Scrumptious Sunday recipe to look forward to!


Lotions and Love,

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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