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To clear the air, Dirty South Couture is not about racism. It’s about a love of a simple life with an appreciation of how busy the world really is in times like these. An understanding and acknowledgment of a crazy past with a hopeful future. That being said, I can’t describe how wrong I think the journalist who wrote this article is. Kanye West isn’t just throwing back up a “spin” on something old, he’s flat out giving the middle finger to any and everyone offended by his use of it, because the fact of the matter when broken down, is IF you have a problem with a BLACK man, not just using, but PROFITING from the use of such an iconic symbol of HATE within the black community, then you, yourself must be a racist. And it’s his way of saying “(insert explicit) You, bigots.”  I couldn’t have more respect for someone with that kind of balls-in-your-face realism, and we should all be proud.

I’m also extremely glad I found this article today too because I have no style inspiration to post on today as I’m reaching that “I’m going to be pregnant forever” depression…

Golddiggers and Glitter,


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