The End is Near!!!

I’m happy to announce that after the doctor visit today, while it still doesn’t seem like Cash wants to come on his own, we do have a scheduled induction so the end of this pregnancy is finally here! 8 days or less!!! Whoo-hooooooo!!!! We thought I might be in labor Saturday night, even went to the hospital for almost 3 hours, but it was just early labor, not active so they sent me home, I was so exhausted Sunday I was not able to give you a Scrumptious Sunday post, but I’ll put up a new recipe in a couple days to make up for it! Today, in honor of my ending pregnancy I thought we’d take a look back, from weeks 5-40, at some of my favorite “maternity” looks.

Weeks 5-9
We found out I was pregnant, ensuring I had a rather sober 25th birthday. Nonetheless we went to a fabulous fancy dinner and had an old time photo made!



Weeks 8-12
My sister had a fabulous sweet 16 party where I wore one of my favorite textured black cocktail dresses, and to celebrate both my sister and my mothers birthdays we went on a fun trip to Disney where I found it necessary to dress like Minnie Mouse!


Weeks 12-16
We found out we were having a boy!!! Went to Georgia to see The Avett Brothers, toured World of Coke, and then ended the month dolling ourselves up to go see The Great Gatsby!



Weeks 16-20
I finally felt like I was starting to show this month. We went to the beach quite a few times and really enjoyed it! Summer had “officially”come, even though it actually comes to Florida in April. I started grabbing cotton dresses and staying cool and comfortable.


Weeks 21-25
I grew the most this month, worked a lot, started enjoying leggings with tunics and sandals a little more. Started apartment hunting and refreshed my look with bangs!




Weeks 25-29
Officially look really pregnant, a combination of the fact that I found out so early on in my pregnancy and that I’m really short got me a lot of unwanted “about to burst” comments from the peanut gallery, and my appreciation for spandex reached an all time high.


Weeks 30-34
This baby is huge now. We moved, and being pregnant and moving is a blessing cause you really don’t have to do much, plus with my nesting phase kicking in settling into our new home was really fun for me! Had a fantastic baby shower at the end of the month and continued enjoying cotton and spandex, but NOtHiNg that was officially “maternity” labeled. So proud of myself for that lol



Weeks 35-40
This has been by far the hardest month, but it’s Officially the end. Praise Jesus! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘ผ
This month I started my maternity leave, giving me entirely too much time to myself at home. We finished the nursery, and tried to stay busy in order to keep moving and not be lame! Tomorrow is Halloween and my due date however it doesn’t appear that Cash is coming out on his own, I don’t know how he’s not running out of room right now, but he’ll only be baking for 8 more days if that!




Check for a recipe tomorrow or the next day!! Happy Hump Day Yo.

Camels and Khakis,

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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