D-Day Glam-Up in less than 10 min

Three days til my induction whooo-hoooo! 🎉🎊 James seriously woke me up this morning and said “Call me if you go into labor”… Like I’d forget to let him know… haha I guess crunch time leaves us all a little flustered and mindless

Anywho, I’m fully intending on looking my best when I meet my son for the first time. Granted I can’t really make decisions on what I’m wearing when I deliver, but I like to control what I can so I’m for sure wearing some nice make-up. I know that I will be in pain and also sweating a lot so I don’t want to overdo it, but I’ve composed a simple 10 minute glam look that I could breeze through on my way to the hospital!
This is how awesome I look when I wake up:

Obviously a #nofilter isn’t even necessary lol. These are the items I’ll be using:

To start I smooth the topical collagen moisturizer over my whole face, it helps even my tone, fill lines (I don’t have many, but it’s preventative as well, better to be PROactive than REactive), and creates a nice base to allow my foundation to stay on longer.

Then I apply a very cheap concealer to the few areas of my face where I have problems with redness



Like the bow hair?! Lol I also put my hair up and twist it while I’m doing my make-up to give it some volume, but it does look silly I know.
Then I apply an all over tinted moisturizer with SPF. Just basic and protective.


Then I dust a little powder over my whole face. It seals the look, and soaks up any excess oil you may have on your face.


Next I blend Creme highlighting blush to my cheeks and the corners of my eyes to brighten my face.



Next we add eyeshadow, I like to just skip the middle one, I blend the lightest color all over my lid, then carefully blend the darkest color from my crease down to the lash line. This technique works best for me, it looks more natural.


Next I use a liquid liner, just barely above my lash line and I drag out the corners just a tad to open my eye up.


Now it’s time for mascara!! I use a lengthening and a volumizing one, two coats of each, alternating between the two different kinds with each coat.


Finishing up my eyes I fill in the bottom with a plum pencil to pop the green in my eyes.


Finish off the look with some fabulous tinted lip gloss, and that’s it for applying make-up!!!


To finish my look I let my hair down and spritz it with some hair spray! This probably took 4 times as long to post as it actually does to do, but I promise it’s really easy and fast. Just one way to ensure I keep my fabulousness throughout motherhood!


Smokey Eyes and Sweet’n’Low,

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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