It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Oh Holy Night! I know it’s only been about a week since my last post but it feels like forever! The week of Thanksgiving is always such a fun one cause yes I do Black Friday shop, though this year I missed out on all the good deals since I refused to shop on Thanksgiving evening, and it’s always my step-dads birthday, AND this year was my first with James and obviously Cash’s first Thanksgiving as well! It was so much fun, dressing him up, and watching him bond with all his family. This was seriously the best Thanksgiving ever!

our first family holiday pic

my parents don’t look old enough to be his grandparents!

Anyway! I was so excited and motivated this year to decorate our new home and make this little apartment into a holiday celebration spectacle for Cash’s first Christmas, and I’m so happy with the result I had to share! Now I like spending more money on presents than decor so it pleases me that we really got just about everything at The Dollar Store, Walmart and Target and didnt spend too much!

We’ll save the best for last, but here are some of the cheap decorations we got!

For my Coffee Table
A bag of starlight mints surrounding an Apple Cinnamon candle. Total Cost: $3, Holiday Cheer Points: +5

For the Window Ceil
Hanging our stockings there since we don’t have a chimney in sight! I added these awesome Santa Claus bows (3/$1) to fill in the bare wall space between stockings


For my end table
This awesome pail at the dollar section of Target! Filled it with my fav Reese’s Trees and duh another Apple Cinnamon candle! Love this one!


My Countertop
I have a ridiculously large counter, I found a glitter tree at the dollar store and this glass tree at a yard sale, which I filled with mini-ornaments from the dollar store! Another pail from Target filled with chocolate…and I needed more apple cinnamon candles clearly…

This is still a work in progress, but a lovely fake white poinsettia since I have a terrible fear of flowers, new fancy placemats, and new seasonally appropriate salt and pepper shakers make it fun enough for now!

Above the cabinets!
My favorite decorations! I just added some green foliage garland, clear lights, red garland and a combo of HUGE and small ornaments! Hard to capture how awesome it looks on camera!


the tree
Last but not least! We had such an awesome time putting it up! Can’t wait til Cash can help us next year!


Pine Needles and Poinsettias,

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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