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So you know what I’m OBSESSED with? Bistro Boxes at Starbucks, it was upon eating my first Cheese&Fruit box that I discovered not only was Brie cheese delicious, but it was also good for you! So for a while before I got knocked up I used to live off of Cheese&Fruit boxes, they aren’t too expensive, but at around $6 each (plus you have to buy them at Starbucks and you know you’ll end up getting an iced latte too, making it a $10 meal) they aren’t exactly wallet friendly.

Starbucks Cheese&Fruit Bistro Box

However, for around $15 you can actually get enough stuff to have 6 at home boxes!!!
Here’s what you’ll need:

All you need is half of an apple to make a serving at home, while in the box they are Granny Smith apples, I honestly prefer a Washington Red, so I customized mine a bit.

2.Brie Cheese
A whole package is around $7 and it’s a whole circle not just the little triangle!!

3.Multi-Grain Crackers
I’m doing a low carb diet so I grabbed these flax seed crackers, super tasty and only 13g of carbs per serving! Also it doesn’t hurt that these are also GMO free and all organic! 😁

To keep it healthy you want to use all natural, nothing added raw almonds, to keep it cheap I used the already sliced ones and just sprinkle them atop the Brie.
And last but not least

5. Dried Cranberries
Now don’t just go buy Craisens and think that’s okay, you want to ensure you get health benefits and no added chemicals or sugars, otherwise this isn’t a healthy snack. I bought Stoneridge Orchard organic ones and you can see the quality difference just buy looking at them, not to mention the amazing taste difference.


So now you have all your ingredients the rest is a cake walk: cut a one inch section of Brie (100 calories), half of the apple (30 calories), 3 crackers(120 calories, and break them up into small pieces to feel like you’re getting more), and 1/4 cup of dried cranberries (64 cal) and sprinkle some almonds on the plate (20 or less calories). There you have it, a mid-day snack or very light lunch that’s barely over 300calories, very low carb, and incredibly satisfying!
I’m scarfing mine down right now!


Water and Waistlines,

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2 Responses to Back to Brie

  1. Carrie says:

    Great post! You can get those cute Bento boxes (they make plastic and stainless steel varieties) and make this a to-go lunch, too!

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