❤My wardrobe is in the mood for Love ❤

Valentines Day is quickly approaching and thankfully my love got the day off to spend with his loves! We decided to keep it quiet for the night and binge on our tradition of gourmet grilled cheese and watch season 2 of House of Cards since it comes out that day. But since he’s got a week day off we wanted to get out of the house and do something fun with baby boy. We decided since the Warhol exhibit is at the Dali we’d go and give our 3 month old a taste of culture for his first Valentines.
I’m beyond excited since I do love Warhol and this will be my first time at the Dali since they opened the new very beautiful museum. Obviously I’ve been going through my closet to find the perfect outfit that looks artsy, classy, and celebrates the holiday. I’ve narrowed it down to these:

Easy Going: this depends on the weather as well, most days it’s been a cool 70, but it has been a little chillier as well, winter Florida weather is highly unpredictable! But I layered a khaki collared shirt with an awesome paisley crew neck, chucks and white denim shorts, popped with turquoise accessories.

Classic&Classy: a navy blue and white polka dot dress from The Limited paired with a red floral scarf, nude flats, and a baby pink handbag. This is fun and easy to slip on, and even if its a bit chillier I can easily add tights for warmth.

Flirty Skirt-y: a red skirt paired with classic black&white polka dot button down, cute peep-toe sling back flats, heart shaped sunnies and a huge black statement necklace. This is comfortable, and screams classic V-day garb, but it may be a little kitschy for me.


Pattern on Pattern with Pearls: if it’s cooler out I love these striped Levi’s skinny jeans with an awesome navy and red vintage lace printed top, paired with lots of layers of pearls and a simple navy handbag. This outfit again is awesomely comfortable and unique, a top runner for sure since I am obsessed with pattern on pattern.

Finally last option and the one I’m most in love with:

Pretty in Pink: a high waisted hot pink skirt, paired with awesome crochet Steve Madden flats, a paisley printed chambray button down, accessorized with a huge floral bag and an awesome woven fedora. I’m probably going to be wearing this Friday, unless I happen to find something for myself while Valentines shopping for James tonight 😉

Here are Baby Boys outfits:

Doctor Love for the evening so he can fall asleep peacefully and comfortably


Red pants, a seersucker button down onesie, and adorable red plaid cabby hat. He’s always adorable!

Love and Lollipops,

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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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