What’s in your Diaper Bag??

As promised after the “What’s in your bag?” post, I decided to extend this to “What’s in your Diaper Bag?”. Since I became a mom, I typically carry a basic cross body around on the off chance I go out without the baby, so I basically keep my diaper bag stocked up for baby and me that way when I go out WITH baby I can just throw my wallet in there and call it a day!

My Bag: Liz Lange Baby for Target

My Bag: Liz Lange Baby for Target

I love this bag, it’s so simple and sleek. James likes that it’s not too feminine either so when he carries it around he doesn’t look like he’s one of two dads…Plus it has a million different pockets which helps me stay super organized, and stroller straps which help when you’re going shopping and need all that extra space at the bottom of the stroller for shopping bags!

Everything stays nice and neat in it's own little place!

Everything stays nice and neat in it’s own little place!

How I keep it stocked: An outfit, socks, and shoes, in case he throws up or pees on what he’s currently wearing, the shoes match the outfit in the bag, so his feet won’t get cold and they also won’t clash with what his OOTD is. The Honest Company Healing Balm: like an organic Neosporin/cure all, works amazing on baby acne, sore nips for breast-feeding moms, and also any minor scraps that may occur playing outside of the house. Johnson&Johnson Organic Baby Lotion: he has a little cradle cap on his head, this helps keep it under control, and also serves as faux-baby-safe-hair product, when we put in it to help his scalp, it makes his hair stand up, so we also typically shape it into a faux-hawk on those occasions. Diapers, duh. Wipes, obviously. Insulated Bottle Holder, by Vera Bradley: I typically make a fresh bottle before we leave the house and put it in there. It works awesome and is convenient! Bottle/Bottle Liners/Formula/Water Bottle: not a debatable topic I wish I could have breastfed longer, just didn’t happen for me. We use a GMO-free Organic formula, and fluoride free water, so we do our best. 2 lip glosses, one shiny, one colored. A natural lip balm/chapstick thats baby safe and also good for dry skin by Boudreaux’s, and also their baby butt paste. Kleenex, because you can never go wrong with extra tissues. 2 pairs of sunnies, I just have an addiction there. And finally headphones, spare change, pain reliever, a jingle toy, a pen, a hair clip, and some body spray, so I don’t smell like spit-up. Basically everything but the kitchen sink!! Check me out!

Everything I Own...

Everything I Own…

Oh and Happy Hump Day!!!
Todays OOTD: TARGET neon shorts, Oversized tank by Rebellious, dark eye make-up, side-pony!

Brenda, guess what day it is??!!!

Brenda, guess what day it is??!!!

Did I miss something in my Diaper Bag? What do you keep in yours to make sure the kiddos are super happy?

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2 Responses to What’s in your Diaper Bag??

  1. Ha ha. I’m a total diaper bad hoarder. My bag and my purse always weigh a ton!

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