Wild for Tribal!

Top: Francesca's Collections Skirt: Xhileration by Target

Top: Francesca’s Collections
Skirt: Xhileration by Target Sandals: Merona by Target

Spring Break has hit Florida, meaning there are thousands of people in my city right now that are from places like Nowhere, Nebraska and Getmeouttathisboringplace, South Dakota who are hitting up surf shops and buying every wrong thing to wear at the beach because they don’t know any better. The fact is: it’s warm here while its freezing everywhere else and people don’t know how to deal with the fact that they can walk out of the house in much much less than a full layer of clothing. It’s awesome and really exciting, so they hit up Surf Sport and buy a Clearwater Beach tee and matching Soffe shorts and throw them on for dinner over their swimsuits. In reality that’s not okay, you may be on spring break, but relaxing doesn’t have to mean you throw your style out the window. So visitors I advise you to try something new instead of that Official Lifeguard hoodie next time you’re in Ron Jon. Most surf shops do carry maxi dresses, skirts, cotton skirts, and now even baggy crop tops in a spectacular pattern that I happen to LOVE!

Tribal prints are amazing, well, most of them are. Tribal print is fun, funky, and an easy statement to throw on if you want to feel more fashion forward without stepping too far out of the box. The print comes in a variety of styles and colors, from basic black&white stripped cotton maxi skirts, to intricate cutout dresses composed of generously colorful brights. I just picked up this amazing skirt from Target, that looks awesome like I wore it today, dressed down a little with a nice tank and sandals, but could easily be dressed up with a black blouse and wedges. When picking a tribal print I typically like to go with something I can get a lot of use out of, that’s not too cray cray.  Yes, girl in the lime green and Citronella colored poly-blend tribal pants there is a difference between “bold prints” (which are awesome and chic) and “LOUD clothing” (not so rad). A couple rules I tend to stick with:

1. If you have to squint in order to look at it without being blinded or feeling dizzy, don’t buy it.

2. If the actual design (the image that’s repeated to make the pattern) is bigger than both of my hands put together, it’s not small enough to look flattering on my big butt, and I won’t buy it.

and finally…

3. If it’s tight&tribal it’s not right, don’t buy it.

That’s all the rules though! Have fun! And get in touch with your wild side with a tribal print this month!

treehugger tribalday

Ikat and Ikea,


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