Old enough to know better AND care.

I recently had a birthday! Whoo-hoo, and since now I’m officially in my late-20’s and a parent, I’ve come to realize there are just some things I’m too old to wear. Now, I still look like I did when I was 20, I got carded to go see Spring Breakers last year at the movies (right?!), so these are items that I CAN still very much so pull off, and I may very well try to bring them back in the future. However, right at this moment, being a mom and a happening 20-something I just uncomfortable in these looks for the time being.

1. Giant Oversized Bows & Headbands

I went through a pretty long phase where I wore a bow/headband/or hat like everyday, mainly because I worked 2 jobs at the time and only showered like 3 times a week when I found the time so I needed to disguise my oily roots. However, even after I dropped back down to one job I still loved a huge bow on my head a couple times a week. We all remember this fondly.

My sister and I being silly. Big red bow I used A LOT

My sister and I being silly. Big red bow I used A LOT



Yea, it's def time to retire this bow

Yea, it’s def time to retire this bow

Now, some headbands are fabulous and totally acceptable and I’m not guaranteeing I won’t ever wear a small bow sometime in the future, you know some hairstyles are still cute with bows, I’m just saying I will not put anything giant onto my head again (other than a floppy hat at the beach). It’s just not cool for mom life.

2. Screen Tees

You know those awesome shirts that have witty sayings like “I’m not short I’m fun sized” or “Cancel my subscription ’cause I don’t need your ISSUES”. Yea, those are completely unacceptable for anyone with an associates degree or the age equivalence . I can understand as a mother sometimes we just need to run to the store to grab diapers and want to throw on a tee shirt and jeans, and that’s totally acceptable. Band tees, designer tees,  basic solid colored tees, even some cute burnout tee with an Aztec pattern are completely acceptable and awesome. However there are some rules. If your shirt says something with a question mark at the end (like “Was that your boyfriend?” yes, I’ve seen that shirt), then you should question wearing it. Did you get it for donating blood? Then you need to donate that shirt to Goodwill. Did you get it for running a 5k/Marathon? Then it’s only okay to work out in.  Here are some examples of whats acceptable tee shirt wise for a comfy outfit day.

These are okay for public attire: Band Tees, Solid Shirts, and Classic Timeless Graphics

These are okay for public attire: Band Tees, Solid Shirts, and Classic Timeless Graphics

Here’s what not to wear in public:

Sassy Sayings with ridiculously big designs are not okay. Sometimes I don't even think it's excusable for high school girls.

Sassy Sayings with ridiculously big designs are not okay. Sometimes I don’t even think it’s excusable for high school girls.

 3. Cut-off Denim Skirts

I wouldn’t say these are necessarily a HUGE don’t, but to me part of becoming a mom is about developing and maturing myself and within the maturing of myself comes a maturing of my style. I feel like cut-off denim skirts show an obvious lack of maturity. Now this is only for denim skirts. I feel like moms can def pull off a pair of cut-off denim shorts with the proper outfit completion pieces, it’s literally the skirt that just throws me off. And it’s a personal thing I reckon, I wore denim skirts like nobody’s business in high school and throughout college, it’s just at this point in my life I’ve moved on to the classier looking Chambray skirt that has a seam.  They look more polished, professional and fashion forward, plus you’re still able to wear anything you’d have worn with your cut-off skirt.


FOR SALE: to anyone a size 8 and under 23! ;)

FOR SALE: to anyone a size 8 and under 23! 😉

last but not least, and this is seriously one of my biggest pet peeves…

4. Exercise Attire when You’re not working out

I’ve literally broken up with a guy about this. It disturbs me to like a-whole-nother-level when ANYONE wears running shoes/sweat pants/bball shorts/sports bras for things other than working out. Now I get that obviously sometimes you go to the gym, then stop at the mall or grocery store or what have you. I also get that you sometimes need to run errands on your way to the gym, this is not what I’m talking about. I’m speaking of deliberately putting on sweat pants, a baggy shirt, glasses, and tennies and leaving your house to go into a public place where normal people are not sweating. You can give me all the excuses in the world about comfort, and how your kids don’t give you a lot of time to get ready and I will come back at you with brimstone and hellfire. It takes me a full 30 min to leave the house if I’m getting fancy, on a normal day I can be out in 10 with make-up on, my hair done in some way, and NOT wearing elastic banded bottoms. I have a 4 month old, so give me a break, you’re excuses will get you nowhere fast with this one.

SideNote: these are really comfy shoes for exercising in. New Balance.

SideNote: these are really comfy shoes for exercising in. New Balance.

I’m sure I could go into detail about a ton of other things I find despicable that people wear in public beyond a certain age, but these are the real bothersome ones.

I feel like there are tons of women who may disagree with this post, and there are always exceptions to every rule, the gist of what I’m saying is this: what you wear in public is your image, it’s what lets everyone you don’t know get a little glimpse of WHO you are. It may not be fair, but people ALWAYS judge books by their covers, would YOU want to read a book that was tattered, covered in cobwebs, and filthy? You can protest and whine about how it’s absurd that people judge based on appearance, OR you can take time and value yourself and really showcase the beautiful person you are through what you wear. The decisions on you.


Be Beautiful & Shine On,






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