Scrumptious Thursday, since I wasn’t thirsty.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a recipe on here, and it’s not because I’m not cooking. I’m always cooking! Since I’m trying really hard to eat well and keep a very healthy diet to loose some of the leftover baby weight we basically have gotten into a good routine of eating simple basic meals that are lo-carb and really easy to put together. I don’t really consider these to be recipes since I typically don’t measure anything out, more of a food diary with basic instructions of how to recreate the meals, or just to give you inspiration on how to cook meals that are simple, delicious, and healthy!

We eat A LOT of chicken, as you will notice, we really only have red meat two or three times a month. Most dinners are composed of chicken, veggies, and occasionally brown rice or couscous, but since we’re trying to keep it lo-carb, that’s only a few times a month as well. So here’s what we ate this week:




So Simple!

So Simple!

All I did for this was to cut raw chicken breasts in half then: top with mozz, wrap in ham, dip in egg, dip in italian bread crumbs and bake at 350 for 40 min. Green beans: sautéed in lemon juice, butter and garlic with salt, pepper and bacon bits on high for 4 min, then cover and let cook on low for 20 min for tender beans. Top it all with parmesan and dinner’s ready!


Satisfies the urge for terribly unhealthy Food Court Chinese!

Satisfies the urge for terribly unhealthy Food Court Chinese!

This is another really easy one. Chicken in skillet with teriyaki sauce on med for 7-8 min per side, then cut up. While chicken is cooking make your brown rice, once chicken is browned add carrots, sweet peas and brown rice with 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce, turn down to low, let cook altogether for 15-20 min, stirring occasionally. I love this, we make it a lot, mainly when I’ve worked at the mall and gotten a whif of that awfulforyoubutsotastey Chinese food.

Great for lunch OR dinner!

Great for lunch OR dinner!

Salads are so so so so easy and something I’ve come to love to have for dinner. When preparing a salad for dinner I want it to be filling so I put TONS of stuff in them! Mainly I use a garlic-lemon chicken I make (garlic, lemon juice, butter, salt, pepper, skillet), cut into strips, add spring greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, bacon bits, mozzarella cheese, lemon juice, and sliced almonds. I love to also use a little Caesar Dressing that I dilute with a little lemon juice to save on calories. The amount of proteins in the salad mixed with the incredible textures and tastes make it really filling, and keep me away from the fridge an hour later!


It's good to mix it up!

It’s good to mix it up!

I found this awesome Organic Sausage at the grocery store, and since we mainly just eat proteins and veggies I’m always in the mood to ‘spice’ things up, quite literally this time. I for the life of me can’t remember the name of the company that makes this sausage but I will buy some more next shopping trip and update this. Anyway, it’s a chicken&apple sausage that I just cut up and sautéed with red,green, and yellow bell peppers, I paired that with roasted rainbow carrots (45 min in the oven on 350, with EVOO garlic, salt, pepper and dried cranberries). Was an incredible dinner. The rainbow carrots were a first for me, they taste a tad more bitter and “garden-y” than I’m used to, but they were refreshing and good nonetheless.

Finally -and this has become James’ new favorite dish fast…

My New Fav!

My New Fav!

Creamy Mozzarella Chicken is so simple, chicken in a skillet on the stove on medium, once one side is a little browned flip then add your sundried tomatoes with butter, garlic, salt, pepper, lemon juice, just a tablespoon of Caesar Dressing and cover for 10 min, flip chicken again, give it a little squirt of lemon juice then top with mozz and cook on low until the cheese is melted. For the asparagus I just put them on a pan in the oven on 350 coated with EVOO, salt, pepper, lemon juice, garlic, and bacon. Sprinkle Parm all over it when you’re ready to eat!


When I cook for my family I really don’t measure anything out, I taste as I go along to ensure the flavors are going good, but I just experiment and have fun. If I want to try to make something I do, if I fail, I learn from my mistakes and try again til I get it right. You have no idea how many people I hear say “I can’t cook”, I tell you now, I’m the girl that LITERALLY set a microwave on fire (not with metal, with a cinnamon roll), it’s really easy to cook, just keep trying! Never give up on good food!


Asparagus and Appetites,




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