I’m on Vacation. (for like 2 days)

Just arrived at the most amazing resort in Orlando called The Fountains, my wonderful mother-in-law to be and her husband booked a fun weekend timeshare getaway for them and it has an extra bedroom with two beds in it so James, Cash, James’ brother Daniel and I got to tagalong for the weekend too! I’m so excited, the resort so far has an amazing pool, tons of amenities, and get this- their “travel soaps” are from Bath&Body Works!! OMG, you know it’s real when even their sample sizes are brand name. 

Anyway, I (probably) won’t have any time to cram in any blog posts til tuesday, so I just wanted to drop a line and say it feels good to be on “Spring Break”!! 🙂









Spring Brakkkkkeeee 4evaaaa (said in slightly girly pitched James Franco as Alien from Spring Breakers voice)


Dandelion Ale and Lots of Cocktails, 


About britaknee

I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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