Why the How I Met Your Mother Finale was EVERYTHING *spoiler alert*

I typically don’t do posts like this, but I have been an ocean of emotion since last night’s HIMYM Series Finale. I’ve finally dried my tears, and ate enough ice cream to soak up all the depression from the series finale of HIMYM last night and want to address the people who “hated” the end. I watch a ton of crap TV, I won’t lie, I was obsessed with Laguna Beach, The Hills, Gossip Girl, and even Jersey Shore at one point in my life or another. So I know television. (I’m not really sure if I’m proud of that fact) Being that I know good tv from bad tv, I can honestly say the writers of HIMYM did a fantastic job in ending the series and I’d like to address the main issues surrounding the haters of the finale.


1. Barney and Robin have to divorce

Yes, the writers spent a ton of time building up their relationship for what? To literally end it the episode after their wedding? I’m not gunna lie when they told everyone in Ted’s house I started balling just like Lily, but then I came to realize it was necessary for many reasons.

A) Robin needed to get married to someone (that wasn’t Ted) in order to realize that she really did want a committed relationship.

B) Barney needed to have a child in order to have a growth in maturity levels, to become a deeper more well rounded individual. Barney needed to be able to REALLY know what it was to love someone 10000% unconditionally. Sure he loved Robin, but after turning over GNB to the feds he was basically just a kept man (remember Robin’s family has a ton of money AND she’s now a global reporter), it’s not like Barney to be okay with just following a woman around the world, no matter how much he loved her, he couldn’t loose who he was at the core without knowing a selfless love like that of a child, and as we all know, Robin was not having a child.

C) Robin and Barney HAD to get married in order for Ted to met the mother. This is a big DUH. From the beginning we knew Ted met the mother at a wedding, and  it wasn’t Marshall and Lilly’s, so the writers had to build up a relationship where Ted would be someone IN the wedding the mother’s band played at so that the mother would recognize who he was immediately at the train station. Robin and Barney getting married had to happen in order for Ted to be a Best Man at a wedding where The Mother’s ex-roomate would have suggested her band to play.

D) Robin had to marry Barney in order for Ted to fully move forward with his life and not hold on to any hope of them getting back together. If Robin had never been married in the first place, Ted would have eventually tried to get back together with her, yet again, and his heart wouldn’t be ready to love anyone else fully meaning that even if it were someone else’s wedding that he met the mother at, he would’ve still always held out hope for Robin, (it’s basically what ended every other relationship he had). He couldn’t let go of her and met the mother without a Robin/Barney wedding.



2. The Mother has to be dead

If she wasn’t dead then why would she let Ted tell a 9 year long story, and never once call them out to dinner or pop in to ask a question, or be present at all during his telling of all this story? Especially since we learned in Vesuvius that she already knows all his stories, and she stated specifically to him that she didn’t want him to live in his stories, think about it, he wouldn’t be telling all his stories to their children if she were alive. And if she were alive there’s no way two teenage kids would sit there for that long and listen to a story. They can’t/won’t get up from this story because she’s passed away, and no one would pass up a story about a parent that’s gone, no matter how long it was.  She also has to be dead for Ted to have a reason to be telling in such graphic details the way he met her. He’s purging out all the stories, as we learn, for a way to get his kids permission to try to date Robin, but in a way it’s also him letting go of everything that built up to the best moment of his life. It’s helping him to move forward. It also makes the part in “The Time Travelers” where he explains to his children how if he could go back and do it all over again, he wouldn’t go to Robots vs. Wrestlers, instead he would run to the mother’s apartment and tell her how much he was going to love her in the future. How even though they would meet in just 45 days from Robots vs. Wrestlers, and she had a boyfriend at that point, he would run to her apartment just to spend an extra minute with her. This we all thought at first was because of how deep his love for her was, however it was obviously foretelling that Ted’s time with the mother was limited.


3. Ted and Robin getting back together

The kids even pointed it out in the finale, this story was NEVER really about how Ted met the mother, I was even thinking it before the finale. Why and How is this a story about how Ted met the mother if it ends the moment he mets her? She’s barely in the story at all, it wasn’t a story about her. This is what GIVES Ted a reason for telling the kids the story, to show them how complicated the past is with Robin, as we all know it’s not like Ted has the confidence again to go after her without someone’s encouragement, he’s not going to get it from Barney since he’s her ex-husband, Marshall and Lilly are busy, plus they already know the whole story so he wouldn’t need to explain to them in detail anything to get them to encourage him (plus Lily wouldn’t encourage that, remember the long term bet?). Anyway, I read a lot of people talking smack about how it just makes all the growth we thought we saw in Ted completely vanish but that’s not the case.

A) Ted had moved on from Robin and fell in love with the mother whole-heartedly. That was real change and growth, and when she married Barney, Ted had really let her go in his heart, which allowed him to fully dive in deep and love the mother, but after her passing he couldn’t help but start wondering again, especially since Robin and Barney had been divorced for several years now and both had moved on to different chapters of their lives.

B) The reasons that Robin and Ted never worked out are now resolved by 2030. Biggest reasons they didn’t work?

Ted wanted to grow old with someone and have a family, the mother was able to give him the married life he had always dreamed of, leaving him satisfied in that area, making him capable of having an intimate relationship with Robin without longing for something she’d never be able to give him.  This further also allows Robin to live and love Ted without feeling a guilt for not giving him the children he’s always wanted.

Robin wanted to travel the world and really enjoy the successes of working so hard to have a wonderful career, without feeling obligations of any kind. By 2030, she’s already built a wonderful career for herself, traveled to places like Brazil and Argentina, and is ready to move on to the next chapter, she’s now ready to be settled.



I’ll probably keep updating this as I think of things, and I’m sorry if it reads a little scatter-brained, I’m just intensely passionate about things I love, and this Finale was absolutely one of them. I think we’re all a little disappointed with the end, like really where did the pineapple come from? Where did Lily and Marshall move when they had baby 3? Why didn’t they show us a moment in the finale where Ted and The Mother announce that they were expecting Luke? Is Luke named after Skywalker? Why didn’t Ted sound like Bob Saget at the end? Why didn’t Bob Saget make at least one cameo in the finale?and mainly WHY DIDN’T WE GET ONE LAST ROBIN SPARKLES VIDEO?????? There are always going to be disappointments when a series ends, but mainly they’re rooted in the simple fact that we really just didn’t want them to go. It’s really sad, we’ve been emotionally invested in something for 9 years and now what are we stuck with? Some second-rate JVDB sitcom? It’s just not the same CBS, it’s too soon and we all need time to heal.


TM (Too Much, To Me, Ted Mosby, Tracey McConnell),



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4 Responses to Why the How I Met Your Mother Finale was EVERYTHING *spoiler alert*

  1. April G says:

    I haven’t seen the finale, and have seen only bits and pieces of the series until this season. Great explanation of it though. Lots to think av5out.

  2. Nathan says:

    That Was Awesome thanks for the great read!!!

  3. Teresita says:

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