Why I LOVE Tradesy.com (How I Got my Fav Denim Jacket BACK!)

It’s probably just the withdrawal starting to kick in, but I when I sat down with my laptop to write this out, Bob Saget’s voice started narrating for me, so this may read a little like HIMYM… 

It’s really amazing the websites you come across when you click on a link from a Google Image Search. Granted I’m sure there are quite a few risqué websites you can find this way as well, but that’s neither here nor there. Kids, this is the story of how I lost my favorite denim jacket in the great ol’ state of North Cakalacky and came to replace it via the wonderful world of online shopping. Now this jacket is not unfamiliar to the blogosphere, I used it in MANY MANY posts back in 2012 when I started the blog, and thanks to this amazing website Tradesy, I’ll be able to use it again for many more to come! Remember back in 2012 when I went to North Carolina?


Wearing it in NC

Wearing it in NC

Well I had a few beers too many that night and left this precious thing only God knows where, I came back to Florida with a ton of great memories, but a big hole in my heart. It was a great jacket, thin material, high quality (Gap Vintage 1969 Denim), and just the perfect color! I never imagined I’d be able to come across one again, and while I was sad, I held out hope in my heart that someday I’d come across something similar again. I haven’t even purchased a denim jacket since owning this one, because when I would shop for a new one, they’d all just seem “off”. I had a denim jacket in size Large on hold at The Limited, but when I tried it on it was entirely too big and they had none in store in the next size down. I decided that day I would buy the medium online since I already knew how it fit. However before I placed the order, just as a precaution, I thought I may as well search google images for “light wash lightweight denim jacket” to see if I could find any better deals than The Limited was offering. What I saw, took my breath away, not ONLY was I looking at my old favorite denim jacket, but it was for sale online for 70% less than I paid for it in store, and it was MY size! I quickly ordered it right away, and while Tradesy doesn’t do things the typical ebay/amazon way where the seller is responsible for shipping, I still managed to have it delivered to my door within a week! Tradesy is to put it simple an amazing online boutique offering gently used name brand/designer clothing and accessories and enormous discounts. Tradesy works perfect for sellers, especially for people like me that are terrible remembering to stop at the UPS store when we sell our online items because THEY SHIP THE SELLER PRE-PAID PACKAGING!!! Once someone buys your item, the wonderful quick-moving members of the Tradesy team send pre-paid packaging to the seller, once the seller gets the packaging, they toss your purchase in and it ships directly to you! The prices are great on this website, and all the prices are with shipping included! They also take care of the other messy parts of online purchases, for example:  they make it easy for sellers to cash out via Paypal, and returns: Tradesy protects the buyers by directly taking care of the returns and also keeps the seller free of stress! Tradesy carries such a wide variety of items, from Gucci and Chanel to Forever 21, they have clothes and brands for everyone! I’ll definitely be ordering from them again in the near future! I even made a wish-list featuring some of the most amazing gently-used yet hugely-discounted items that I love so you can see what amazing stuff they have!



and how’s this for a Bride-to-be who wants an amazing designer dress on a dime?! Tradesy sells all kinds of gently used wedding dresses, from Vera Wang to J.Crew, they have wedding dresses, bridesmaids, and all the accessories you’ll need in between! I’m really obsessed with this Essence of Australia dress!

"I Do" love these deals!

“I Do” love these deals!

Had a mini-photo-shoot with my new old denim jacket! I’m so happy to have it back, and so grateful to Tradesy for existing so I had the opportunity to get it back!


Go check out Tradesy.com today gals! Sign up for their email list and get an immediate coupon in your inbox!!


Deals and Denim,


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  1. nadiasmama says:

    Now I’m going to go check it out!! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Definately going to check this app, never heard about this before! You should check Vinted app too I think you will love it http://www.vinted.com/

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