Something to sit on.

Our neighbors were throwing out their old small entertainment center, so I decided to spruce it up and make it into something we could all enjoy when chilling outside! It was really easy to make, and only cost us around $10 for supplies, including the seat cushions!!! Silly me I forgot to take a full “before” pic, but basically it was just black where the red is now…This is after one coat acrylic red paint, I ended up doing about 3 coats of red and one coat of lacquer altogether



Then I applied Mod Podge to the doors with a paint brush and covered them with magazine articles.



I let this dry for about a day, then applied 3 coats of lacquer to the doors, making sure none of the clippings had bubbles and were smooth. I finished the piece by applying a coat of lacquer to the whole thing, then adding the seat cushions after letting the lacquer dry for about 12 hours.



Easy peas-y, and now we have somewhere to sit and enjoy a crossword puzzle and a cup of coffee on a lovely spring morning!


Paint Brushes and Pencils,


About britaknee

I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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