Outfit of the (hump) Day!

Happy Hump Day!!!


Last night was floor set at The Limited, so I am a little tired today. James and I have decided to start selling refurbished furniture full-time now, and while it’s extremely fun to create wonderful unique pieces for the home, it’s also very time consuming and exhausting! Check out this awesome end table we just completed though! It started as this really terrible honey oak cheap looking color with some Gody-80’s inspired drawer-pull and we ended up painting it a high-gloss black paint, painted the inside of the drawer red (it’s a fun touch we’re doing with all our furniture), replaced the hardware, and covered it with tea-stained sheet music via decoupage then finished it all off with a couple good coats of laquer. I’m really happy with it.

Make an offer! ;)

Make an offer! šŸ˜‰

Today’s Humpday OOTD is brought to you by (surprise surprise) The Limited, This A-line Denim skirt just came in a few weeks ago and I’m in LOVE, it’s so comfortable and goes with EVERYTHING. The cool-tie tank was part of the beginning of Spring Collection, so if you’re lucky enough to find one now, it’ll be on clearance! Same goes for this awesome Garnet Ponte Jacket, the inside lining is navy with white polka dots, AMAZING! My face is breaking out everywhere so I’m trying to take a break from make-up and hair products temporarily, I tease my hair a little, pin the front back, and add glasses to distract you from the zits! šŸ™‚


Now we’re off to find more furniture!



Busy as a,


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