Spring Fever!!

Easter week was crazy and while I was insanely busy I still feel extremely unproductive because I wasn’t able to post about all the awesome things we’ve been doing. We’ve been upcycing furniture just about every day in one way or another, and have a ton of projects on the “to-do” list! Can’t wait to show you how to recreate some awesome pieces for your home on the cheap! Today I want to focus on some really great outfit ideas for these wonderful sunny spring days we’ve been having. Originally this started out as Easter Outfit ideas, however since I wasn’t able to get this up before the big day these still work great for day-to-day casually cute looks! My sister Sasha and best friend Haley Jane came over this weekend to model and help set up Easter decor this weekend, we had such a fun time. So here we go: 3 classic spring looks, with super fun accessories to boot! 😉

1. Rompers

Sasha’s wearing this gorgeous pastel romper. The mint color looks amazing on just about every skin tone. The ruffles down the center of the romper dress it up, so she could easy transition this for a more formal affair with heels and a navy blazer. For a day look though we went with great pearl accents, a thin navy belt tied in a fashion forward knot, and a dressy sandal. She’s such a gorgeous girl!



2. White Jeans and Floral Patterns

It’s a given when you think of spring fashion florals go hand in hand with pastels for most major brand collections. I put Haley in a great Navy Floral Top from Francesca’s Collections, paired with White Hot 678 jeans from The Limited. This look is great for just about any activity, its comfy and easy enough to just throw on to run to the store, however it’s polished enough for a brunch, casual coffee date, or even a day-time park concert! Haley basically looks great in anything, but this was an especially awesome combination for her thin frame. The skinny jeans show off her amazing legs while not being scandalous, and the volume of the top balances her upper half evening out and disguising how short waisted she is due to her long legs!



3. Coral AND/OR Chevron

My outfit of choice is classic spring all over. Woven flats, a creme and coral chevron striped maxi-dress, and my light wash denim jacket. Coral is another one of those colors that looks great on everyone, and you can’t help but look at the color and instantly think of a sunny day or outdoor activity! Chevron stripes are quite literally what is up right now. You’ll find them on everything these days from bedding to bath mats and everything in between. There’s something about the angles in the chevron pattern that make it universally flattering on every shape and size, instead of widening a bigger body like classic stripes do, the “V” pattern draws the eye up and down at the same time, which elongates the body and makes everyone look their best! I accessorized with pops of turquoise and plum, perfect compliments to the coral color. And oh Hey I’m blonde again!!



I have a ton more in store when it comes to talking about spring fashion and upcoming trends so stay tuned! Hump Day will continue to be fashion influenced!

I can’t not talk about how fun Cash’s first Easter was too! We went to a community Egg Hunt/Food Truck Rally on Sat. Cash found an egg and had a blast being outside and seeing so many other kids around! Sunday we had a brunch at our house with Auntie Sasha and Cash received his Easter “basket”, this year the Easter Bunny thought of some different things to fill his basket with instead of candy, he got a walker (which we won’t use too much because of a great article my aunt shared with me about how walkers delay infant mental and physical development) filled with 2 Dr.Seuss books, a stuffed chic, a fruit net teether by Munchkin (this is awesome, it’s a net you can fill with fresh fruit and let them teeth with without the risk of them choking), bubbles, and some sparkly eggs! Along with this he was also gifted 3 additional Easter baskets from my stepdad’s parents, my parents, and James’ parents. Talk about a blessed baby!!

easterpinterestAll in all it was fun staying so busy, but I missed writing! I’ll probably make up for it this week with extra posts so lucky you guys!

Coral and Colored Eggs,


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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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