Clean yo’ face! Simple Sugar Scrub Making.

I’ve had writers block for the past couple days and couldn’t think of ANYTHING to blog about when it hit me this morning. I woke up with a nasty zit on my chin and right then and there it hit me that I needed a clean face! (well duh). I typically just use daily moisturizers, in conjunction with a mask once a month, and just daily washing with my lavender body wash. When I have zits I attempt to dry up the affected area with rubbing alcohol and peroxide, but today I needed something different. Our trip to Downtown Disney a few weeks ago lead us into the Basin store and ever since I’ve been wanting a good sugar scrub to soften my skin, while they are really nice to treat yourself to, they are basically NOTHING to make at home, so why not?

How I Made a used up old candle jar into my container:

containerMy concoction was really simple, took about 3 minutes in total to finish, and it’s made of everyday household items that just about everyone already has. How much you want to make it up to you. I used an old candle jar to keep mine in, so I made quite a bit. I like that with this simple recipe you can really make it your own scrub and get creative with what’s in your cabinet. All you really need for the scrub is oil and sugar, you can also use citrus and essential oils or extracts as well as spices to really make it tailored to what you need it for. You want to use a 2:1 ratio of sugar and oil, and you can really pic any oil (I don’t recommend using canola or vegetable oils since these aren’t natural and could do more harm than good on your skin).

I picked lemon juice and mint as I want something to wake me up and rejuvenate my skin, and went with raw cane sugar and coconut oil as my base. The Vitamin C & E in the coconut oil & lemon juice contain tons of antioxidants that are helpful for skin repair and restoration, and the invigorating smell of the mint really wakes you up in the morning! You can really use anything you have laying around though! Try EVOO with brown sugar, vanilla and lavender for a great all-over body scrub in the shower, OR grapefruit, cucumbers and almond oil for an awesome summer scrub that will help heal sun damage! The possibilities are endless and HERE’S how simple it really is!!




then pour into your container and cool in the fridge for about an hour before using!


A little teaspoon is a good portion size for your face, just scrub it in and wash it off, no need to wait any amount of time to “let it set”, as it’s already started to work as soon as you apply it. The results are skin that feels butter-y smooth, and isn’t being abused by lab-created chemicals!! These also make wonderful from-the-heart affordable gifts for Mother’s Day!!


sugar scrubs and lots of love,


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