Baby-Painted Canvas’ – A gift for you and your Mom.

This year I’ll be celebrating my very first Mother’s Day as a parent and it’s seriously something I couldn’t be happier about. Now, as a child, I remember crafting things at school during art time that I would give to my mother as gifts since I obviously couldn’t buy her anything on my nonexistent salary. My mother loved gifts from the heart, so this year that’s really what she’s gunna get. I wanted to make her something to celebrate her first year as a Grandmother, so Cash and I broke out his finger paints and some canvas for a truly meaningful gift.

I bought a 6 pack of canvas’ at Michaels, it was on sale for $14.99, plus I had a 50% off any item coupon so I got 6 canvas’ for $7.50!

We started by taping off the word Grandma with a heart at the end on the blank canvas.


Then, after striping Cash down to a diaper, and covering the floor with washable blankets I added some drops of fun colored paints to the canvas.


Then the fun began, we let Cash paint with his hands and feet. He had such a good time and got really intense with it.


Then we waited for it to dry and removed the tape, now I saved what pieces of the painted tape I could for tomorrows “Handmade Mother’s Day Card” post, so don’t toss those out just yet, just find a piece of paper and stick the painted tape to it all together for the time being.


The paint may bleed through the tape a tad, it’s not a big deal, nothing’s perfect, and its just that much cuter for the imperfections when the gift is from a child. This seriously will make such an awesome gift for mothers and mother-in-laws, and will give you the gift of a great memory with your baby.


Finger Paints and Baby Bubbles,


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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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