Baby’s First Book Blocks

I received this product curtesy of Baby’s First Book Blocks by Dan Stiles published by POW!, the opinions expressed are truthful and unbiased.

Let’s face it, other than musical toys, books you read, and stuffed animals it’s difficult to find interesting different toys for little ones under 9 months. This has been a constant struggle for me, as I’m always looking for things that are safe for baby to play with, but will also stimulate brain development and actually INTEREST my child. POW Kids Books has just created the perfect combination of both stimulating and safe for infants in their Baby’s First Book Blocks by Dan Stiles. (A little interesting info for those of you who don’t know who Dan Stiles is: he’s been a collaborative artist for the past 20 years to names such as IBM, Wilco and the X Games!) The block books are such a great concept: Cash learns how to turn a page, and also how to stack! He likes to drool and eat them too, but that’s okay since they are so durable!!


The Box set of 4 books will only run you about $14.95 which is such a deal! These blocks help stimulate a baby’s visual development with their high-resolution colors and stunning graphics with intricate patterns! By spending just a few minutes a day flipping through the books with your child you can start bonding, teaching, and playing with your baby at very young ages! These are age-grouped from 0-3yrs, and I can most definitely see why. The possibilities with these play books are awesome! I think the best age to start with these would be around 2 months, since that’s when babies can start distinguishing contrast in colors, they’ll get the most benefit from starting early, however they’ll keep playing with them long into early toddler years!!!

Obviously Cash adores them!!!


While you’re at it check out some other books by Dan Stiles and POW! Put on your shoes and Today I’ll wear…



Both adorable board books to read to your little ones!


Reading Rainbow,




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