“That Crazy Wrap Thing”

I received this product free to try and review, the opinions stated are unbiased and honest, without compensation.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it, or know of someone that swears by it, The Ultimate Body Wrap by It Works Global is one of the biggest quick weight loss trends on the market right now, and with good reason I must say.


How it works: This simple system of cloth wraps are coated with a naturally based formula which includes green tea leaf extract, rosemary, guarana, menthol, chestnut and cactus pear which helps to pull toxins out of your fat cells while toning, tightening and firming the applied areas. So basically all you do is apply the wrap, cover the wrapped area with plastic wrap, and drink tons of water for the next 45 min. After 45 min, you remove the wrap while continuing to drink water over the next 72 hours, which helps to flush out the rest of the toxins in your body, while you can see minimal results in 45 min, you’ll really notice the difference 2-3 days after the wrap was applied.

How it feels: A few minutes after I applied the wrap my tummy started feeling tingly and cold, that’s how you know it’s key ingredients are starting to work. The smell is nice and natural, after taking the wrap off, my wrap girl Jackie encouraged me to use the residual lotion on other parts of my body, which was an awesome idea! It actually doesn’t just help firm skin and cellulite areas, but also works as a great moisturizer on the skin, and since it’s all natural you really don’t have to worry too much about sensitive skin!

A box comes with 4 in them, and you can cut them to fit any part of your body, you can safely wrap different areas of your body at the same time too for an all-over tone which is awesome! My problem areas are my “arm flaps”, tummy, thighs, and double chin so I can’t wait to order some and get more results!

All in all the hype is legit, I’m not comfortable sharing what I look like with my belly hanging out even after the results, but I can assure you that the results are real and not exaggerated!




The company also has a ton of other great weight-loss aides such as Fat Fighters, Carb Inhibitors, Greens (a drink powder containing 8+ servings of fruits and veggies), and stretch mark cream! This is a great all natural system, this would be great especially if you have an upcoming event you want to look extra great for especially a weekend beach trip for the 4th! Results last 2-6 months!

If you don’t know of anyone selling them, but are looking to try out a wrap or box of wraps for maximum results you can contact my wrap girl Jackie! Here is her info:

Jackie Sinclair

It Works! Global Distributor

Ph: 973-479-9841



Facebook: Skinnier in 45 Minutes


Get your sexy back!


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