New Month, New Me #30daysofpositivechange

I’m gunna get really honest, give you some numbers and just put it all out there, because I have to really FORCE myself to commit to this. While it all seems so easy to say out loud and to think about doing, if I’m thinking about it I’m still carrying around 30lbs of baby weight, and I was 20lbs overweight when I got pregnant. Simple math adds that up to make me a whooping 50lbs overweight right now. Ouch. Not only has this extra poundage taken my self-confidence down a few notches, but it’s actually really made life harder. Climbing up the stairs makes me a tad short of breath, when I work for 4 or more hours my feet and ankles hurt constantly afterwards because of the extra weight they’ve been supporting, and I’ve had to purchase clothes in bigger sizes because I didn’t have anything that fits! Not to mention I can feel my depression/anxiety levels increasing more and more every day. Am I going to be extremely hard on myself and get down about this? Hell to the No. But what I am going to do is commit, to making 2 positive changes in my life a day, one for myself and one for my family. I’m going to start off small, with simplifying my diet to cut out unhealthy carbs, and by exercising daily, taking cash to a park and baby wearing would be considered good for me and my family, so you get the idea… We’ll make this my “before” and I’ll give you all the numbers, and the awful pics, and at the end of these 30 days I’ll update with how my body  and life has improved. I got this idea from my ever-inspiring Aunt Carrie of HuppieMama who did the same only over a 90 day period, her results were jaw-dropping, as she really didn’t look unhealthy at the start of it all, so I’m completely motivated. No more talking about my plans of weight-loss and healthy living with my neighbors and co-workers. It’s time to get the ball rolling.



Today I weighed in at 167 lbs. I’m 4’9″, so this is extremely not where I want to be. And even if I really hate myself for it later, here is my horrid “before” pic.


IMG_2126 IMG_2127 IMG_2128

This morning I had an orange, and some coffee, then strapped on my baby carrier and took Cash out for a walk, we had a great time and baby boy even passed out on the way home! Good for me : check. I also broke out the Baby Bullet today, and am going to Trader Joes shortly to purchase organic healthy produce for my home, and to make baby food for Cash with, so there’s my 2 positive changes today!!!




Sweating and Smiling,



About britaknee

I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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2 Responses to New Month, New Me #30daysofpositivechange

  1. nadiasmama says:

    That’s awesome girl! I need to hurry my big ass up and jump on that bandwagon! ❤

  2. Aunt Carrie says:

    Thanks for including me in this post! I think it’s wonderful that you’ve started this. You will feel so much better as you begin feeling successful. I love the honesty, too. It is what makes a great blogger.

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