Girl’s Night! #30daysofpositivechange

We gotta love our girlfriends right? Who else will tell us what actually makes us look fat? Who else will not judge us for wanting to watch Jennifer Anniston movies and eat an entire carton of Ben&Jerrys? and Who else will binge watch Nicole Ritchie shows, drink wine, and then proceed to make us workout after a Taco feast? No One.

We cute.

We cute.

You read that last one right. Last night Haley and I committed to celebrating Nicole Ritchies new series on VH1 with a wine and taco ladies night. We had a great time chit-chatting, and watching old episodes of The Simple Life while we waited for her new show Candidly Nicole to premiere. It was a great time, however, watching hours of Nicole Ritchie while stuffing yourself with Tacos can seriously make you feel like an uber-fatty, so even though it was ladies night, and we both had a couple glasses of Sauvignon Blanc coursing through our veins, Haley got us a workout.

25 crunches

25 bicycles

20 leg raises

1:00 plank

15 squats


20 crunches

20 bicycles

10 leg raises

40 second plank

15 squats


Sounds simple and easy, right? NO. It was miserable and I’m still sore, but I am so grateful I did it! I made it through the same workout as my friend who is in much better shape than I am, and we were BOTH suffering! I realize it’s probably weird to put an exclamation mark with the suffering sentence, but it actually made me excited to realize this…It doesn’t matter if you’re stick thin OR overweight like me, working out is HARD, for EVERYONE! It’s not like it gets much easier once you loose the weight, because you still have to find ways to challenge yourself to STAY in shape. Not only was the ladies night wine workout good for my body, it was also great for my self-esteem, and tremendously helped me reaffirm that this is a a fitness journey, not a quick road trip to Orlando, this is a long ride to Washington state, and we’re all in the minivan together. Let’s all keep sweating! Surround yourself with friends who are on the journey with you and it’ll seem like a lot more fun!

I workout!

I workout!


Leg Raises Still Suck the Most though,


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