If your skin’s a mess, you’re a mess- Tips for exfoliating and properly washing your face

I received these products for free for testing purposes, the opinions stated are honest and provided without compensation

I’ve always been blessed with clear skin the majority of my life, sure I’d get a couple zits around that hormonal time of the month, but other than treating a pimple here and there, I’ve never been one to focus on purchasing skin care or worrying about it at all. However, last year my best friend Haley Jane went to Aveda and got her license to be an esthetician, while they preform other things in spas like mani’s/pedi’s and massages, the primary focus of her career is taking care of the skin. It’s easy to sweep under the rug, and forget about since there are SO many other things to be concerned about as a woman (make-up, hair, clothing, babies, work, etc..) but your skin is the FIRST thing people notice about you when they look at you, AND it’s a reflection of how you take care of yourself. Haley said it best, “If your skin’s a mess, you’re a mess”. Well said Haley Jane, well said indeed.

Here are some helpful tips for face washing that Haley gave me, and I want to share with you because, it’s the little details that add up to great skin!

1. Avoid using scrubs with chemicals you can’t pronounce. If you wouldn’t want it in your body, why would you want it on your body? Everything you put on your face gets absorbed into your skin, so really think about the scrubs you’re using and read your ingredient list just like you would your food labels before purchasing a harmful treatment. I love these natural products from Belli, a physican-formulated skin care line focused on ingredient safety, giving new and expectant mothers piece of mind when it comes to their skin care. They screen all their ingredients to avoid the use of “teratogens”- dangerous chemicals linked to birth defects and miscarriage, as well as LactMed screening to ensure breast-feeding mothers can use their products without the slightest worry.


2. Apply only a nickel size of any scrub/wash. That’s all you need, when your investing in quality products, a little bit goes a long way, so don’t apply too much. It just wastes product and makes you spend money faster. “A little dab’ll do ya” When applying the correct amount of scrubs and cleansers, you can make one tube last a good 4-6 months, so use your skin care frugally! It helps to get lathered up better if you splash your face with warm water before applying your product too!

3. Wash in circles. This is key to fresh feeling skin, using a face wash and washing in a circular motion helps naturally lift dead skins cells which makes your skin feel renewed and so fresh!

4. Pat your skin dry with a soft towel. Haley also stresses how important it is to pat-dry as opposed to rubbing your face dry. When you rub your face it strips a lot of the natural oils off your skin, which can cause your oil glands to reproduce quicker, making your face more oily than it would normally be. Make sure the towel is also nice and soft, after a good scrub and cleanse your skin is rejuvenated and new, you don’t want to destroy all the work you did to maintain it by using something rough on your face!


5. Make a habit of it. For gentle cleansers like the Belli products, using them every other day will get you the best results. You don’t want to overwork your skin by doing it daily, however a gentle cleanse every other day will wake up that skin in an easy way! For best results I also do a rough exfoliant with Exfolimate once a week. This easy exfoliant scraps the dead skin that’s stuck in your pores off, and since you’re in control of the speed and strength of the motion, you can ensure a pleasant experience! They also make a larger scraper for your entire body which is awesome and easy to use twice a week in the shower!!! You’ll come out feeling smoother than a baby’s…you know 😉


6. Moisturize. 
It’s kind of an obvious thing, moisturizing, to keep skin healthy is super important. However, just like we want to be mindful of the scrubs and cleansers we use, we also need to watch what moisturizers we’re using. Cleopatra’s Choice 100% pure African Shea Butter is a great way to keep that skin healthy without using any harmful ingredients that will damage your skin in the long run. Shea Butter has many purposes on the skin, it can aide with sunburns, eczema, and even fade stretch marks over time. The smell of 100% Shea Butter can be rather strong so I really like to make a batch of whipped shea butter and add a little coconut oil to it, making it smell like the beach. I also love it because it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling behind on your skin.


Skin is the largest organ in your body! So just like you do cardio for your heart and avoid smoking for your lungs, take the same time for your skin and maintaining it’s health and yours as well! If you’re ever in the Tampa Bay area and would love to make an appointment with the BEST esthetician around for a little rejuvenation of your own you can reach out to Haley via email at xxhaleysid@gmail.com to make an appointment with her!

Peppermint Oil & Cucumbers,


I received more useful information and reviews at http://birthorderplus.com/exposed-skin-care-review-by-jessie/. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.http://birthorderplus.com/exposed-skin-care-review-by-jessie/

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11 Responses to If your skin’s a mess, you’re a mess- Tips for exfoliating and properly washing your face

  1. Darcy says:

    I love that – if your skin’s a mess, you’re a mess. That is totally true in my life (whether I was sick, pregnant, stressed, hungover, etc.) The skin is the total giveaway! Great post.

  2. melissajane01 says:

    My face feels so icky if I don’t exfoliate! Thanks for the great tips!

    • britaknee says:

      See it wasn’t part of my routine until I gave birth, after those pregnancy hormones stopped my skin was a wreck! Thankfully my BFF is an esthetician and could tell me what to do!

  3. shelahmoss says:

    Thanks for the tips. I always forget to exfoliate.

  4. andthreetogo says:

    I miss having good skin care products. Here in Thailand many of them are whitening (yikes!) and not natural at all. If they are natural and not whitening they Are expensive. I found one kind and I use it so sparingly! But I do use it every day because of the humidity here.

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