School Supplies, College Style

“Just spent $500 in less than 30 minutes at the HCC Bookstore, yay for college…”


Last night marked the first official day of my fall classes. Let me start off by saying, I am an avid over-preparer, (motto in life: you can never be over-dressed or over-prepared). I don’t mind going the extra mile ahead of time if it means that I’ll have to work less in the future. So when I had to go to the Bookstore on Monday and buy my books and supplies for this semester, I may have gone a TAD overboard, especially considering I only have 1 on-campus class which is Drawing 1. My other classes (Intro to Mass Communications, Understanding Visual Art, and English Composition) are all online ONLY! So, you may have quite a chuckle seeing the items I purchased, but to be real honest I’ve been out of school for almost 5 years now, and my philosophy is “Preparation is Key”!

Also keep in mind, I’m a blogger, and I love fashion, so having cute school supplies also gives me a sort of joy that not everyone will understand.

1. A cool Backpack: I spent like ALL OF MY LIFE as a student wishing when back-to-school season came around my mom would allow me the simple joy of a cool Jansport backpack, however, they were (and still are) about $50, so my mom never really understood why a little logo was THAT important, and I was always stuck with one from a big-box-retailer that had NO logo on it at all (dead giveaway Mom, geez 😉 ). At least when I got to high school I used my locker and was “so over” backpacks. So, when going back to school this time, I splurged and got myself a $50 Jansport backpack, I mean it’ll last me the rest of my ENTIRE college career, and portions of this specific one actually are donated to fighting illnesses in Africa, and it also makes an adorable and useful carry-on for travel! Side note: those are all the reasons I used to also give my mother in trying to persuade her, I’m not as strong as she is when it comes to frivolous spending.


2. Notebooks Galore: Now, this actually happened on accident, I knew I’d need a sketchbook for my art class, but wasn’t sure what size so I got 2. Then I knew I’d need a composition book for my English class, but I found these Decomposition Notebooks and they were too cute to choose between so I got both “Rainforest” and “Wild Garden”, the only 2 my bookstore had. I also knew I’d need notebooks for note-taking for both my Visual Art and Mass Comm classes, so I knocked those out with some uber-cute ones by Mead. So there, all my classes have paper products, I should be happy right? NOT!!! On my way to purchasing pens/pencils, I found a set of these 3 most perfect, blank-slate, moleskin notebooks I have ever seen, AND the set of 3 was only $14.95, how do you pass up that?!?! I mean, it’s not like paper expires so if I don’t use them this semester I can ALWAYS find some use or another for them!


3. A ton of different colored pens, and sharpies: I thought maybe the Sharpies would come in handy for my art class, however I quickly learned yesterday in class that we’ll mainly be working with charcoal and pencils, darn… it’s not like I don’t enjoy making some Sharpie art here and there though, so no bigs on that excess purchase. The multi-colored pens will come in handy when making flashcards to study for exams, and the pack came with black&blue ones too, so the basics got covered as well… speaking of flashcards…


4. The most adorable flashcard holder: I can admit this was an impulse purchase, the smart thinkers over at the bookstore put them right next to the register, and I thought “Oh, this will be useful “.  It’s seriously too cool for school as a school supply.


5. An Awesome Pencil Case: I bought all those cool pens and sharpies, they’ve got to be stored somewhere equally as awesome! I also bought a change purse  by the same company, because it was there and I don’t have a coin purse! They’re designed by Blue Q , a quirky little online shop which also does wholesale orders (hence them being in the HCC bookstore), they have products for everything you can think of, with smart, sassy, and unique stuff all over them!


6. Earth Friendly Pencils: Ticonderoga makes the best pencils known to man, really. The tips don’t break if you press too hard while writing, they smell awesome, like lead and wood always does, and they’re 100% recyclable. The surface is unpainted, so you can gnaw away at them when the stress of finals starts eating at you, and they’re made in Florida, so I had to support my fellow Floridians in this serious pencil decision!


7. All the other boring basics: Of course school supplies can’t all be fun&games, I picked up highlighters, my textbooks, post-it tabs, and notebook paper. I don’t know that there’s any cute alternatives for these basics, however I do STRONGLY feel we can do SOMETHING to make some adorable Post-it’s in unique colors/patterns. The powers that be need to work on that, until then, they’re a boring basic, but nonetheless necessary for school.


I learned a ton yesterday about Gesture drawings and even did some practicing at home (I’m a nerd and really actually love learning), have already finished 3 projects for my other classes that aren’t due until next week, and all in all am feeling really awesome about this new exciting chapter in my life. Take it from me, as an adult going back to school, it’s super important to get yourself excited about the little things, like school supplies, because they motivate you to make the absolute most of your experiences!!!


#2 & Elmer’s Glue,


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4 Responses to School Supplies, College Style

  1. joanncrohn says:

    I love school supplies! Congrats going back to school!

  2. mamabyfire says:

    I love buying school supplies! Always have, and I don’t know why! I don’t even have anyone in school yet! Ha!

  3. Cute! I always loved back to school supply shopping. It’s very fun and motivating. Enjoy, and hope it’s a good semester ☺

  4. Less to More says:

    Sounds fun! I’ve always loved back-to-school shopping as a kid!

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