A view from the west coast – The BEST Summer Sunnies

I received these products for free compliments of ICU Eyewear to review, the opinions stated are honest, unbiased and provided without compensation. 

I have what I’d call an affinity for eyewear, although the word obsession may be more accurate. I have perfect vision, however I do wear false-lensed glasses when I want to feel smarter, and don’t even get me started on sunglasses. I have a collection, from Ray-Ban’s to Bug-Eyes I found at the Dollar-Store and every pair in-between. It started when I was working as a Keyholder at Francesca’s, they had a HUGE summer sale and did an additional 60% off sale items. There were several pairs of sunglasses that had been marked down to $2.98 making them seriously only a tad over $1 for each stylish pair. So, since I was ALWAYS loosing my sunglasses or breaking them and having to buy a new pair, I figured I’d get one of each pair I liked (5 total) just so I would have back-ups in case something were to ever happen with the ones I already had.  Then really cute pairs would arrive in the store, and with my discount they were still totally affordable, and I realized I really enjoyed having the variety and being able to match my sunglasses to each outfit. To date I own about 25 pairs of sunglasses, and I must say my most recent pair has been taking over my whole “weekly rotation”.


ICU eyewear, a company based out in Hollister, California, knows style when it comes to framing faces. Specializing in eco-friendly glasses made of recycled metal, reclaimed plastic and sustainable bamboo, they’ve given us a new take on what eyewear should be. Take it from me when I say the ICU-line is an eyewear fashion Mecca, or read some of their many accolades in Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily, and even The San Francisco Chronicle. Their line of reading glasses is awesome and makes me WANT to have vision problems so I could find a reason to order them, each pair seems to have it’s own personality. They aren’t only fashion forward, they’re fashionable, meaning anyone, not just the fashionistas can pull them off! The sunglasses are hands down my new favorites, it’s difficult to choose a specific favorite pair, but I love the ones I was sent, they’re very John Lennon-meets-Twiggy-esque. The men’s line is also incredible! James is really into new trends, and loves awesome looking sunglasses so this pair we got for him, almost like a black&gray tortoise shell, and the edginess combined with a overly-masculine rectangular shape is really perfect for him.


Picking the right shape for your face can be challenging sometimes. I often hear women at the store say (and sometimes James has even had this concern) ” I can’t wear this style/shape on my face because it makes me look fat” or “makes my forehead look too big”, so here’s what you should be looking for in eyewear when it comes to the shape of your face, and making sure that your sunglasses compliment it correctly.


Oval/Round Face: Your face makes a circle and that’s awesome for symmetry (if you’re a Nip/Tuck fan you know that that’s the key to real beauty), in order to keep your face from looking too round though, go for bigger-rimmed glasses, they are going to complement the natural curvature of your face. You can do big-rims in square or circular, however avoid smaller glasses altogether, my rule of thumb is for round faces, your sunglasses should cover at least 90% of your eyebrows. My recommendation from ICU, The Butterfly Wavy Temple: if you aren’t like me, and don’t have a pair for every outfit, sometimes grabbing a pop of color for your eyes is the easiest way to be bold, and still be cohesive with any outfit!




Square/Rectangle Face: Your cheekbones protrude and your jawline is strong. The best way to balance your features is with classic styles, big-framed or small-frame doesn’t matter here, however you want to look for a hint of a rectangular shape when choosing eyewear. Many other shapes will seem ill-fitting and uncomplimentary. A good version for you is the classic Wayfarer, ICU has them in tons of sizes & colors! I love sunglasses in natural earth tones, because they always seem to go well on any complexion, and compliment any ensemble!



Heart Face: A fuller forehead, and smaller chin with high cheekbones, pat yourself on the back if you were gifted this face shape at birth. Because of the great balance in features on a heart-shaped face, literally any shape will be great. So I recommend trying something fun&funky! A cat-eye is SO hard to pull off for most women, and SO chic!!! I love that ICU even made some with a leopard print on them! It’s like a “double-cat-eye” glass!



Last, but certainly not least,


Triangle Face: The weight of your face is carried on the jawline & cheekbone areas, and seem to point upwards to a smaller forehead and more narrow brow-line. To balance your face, and give it proper portions I again recommend staying away from glasses-frames that are small, however, you ALSO don’t want something too big. Goldilocks, you’re looking for that in-between just right size, the good news is the shape of the frame isn’t a big deal! You just want something the speaks for itself, without speaking for you. Nothing too over-the-top, but nothing too bland either. These retro-frames from ICU would look perfect on you, and will fit you like a glove!


Sure, we all have specifications when it comes to what we like to wear on our faces, but as far as eyewear goes you won’t find more unique, fun, and fashionable eyewear at such low prices anywhere else, but at ICU. Try them out today, what’s your biggest requirement when shopping for shades?

Aviators & Rose-Tints,


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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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3 Responses to A view from the west coast – The BEST Summer Sunnies

  1. andthreetogo says:

    I have to wear sunglasses whenever I am outside because my retinas are white and the sun can really damage my eyes (and I get headaches if I don’t) so sunnies are a real important part of my wardrobe. I have 5-6 pairs I think right now and switch them around depending on my outfit and mood. These glasses look really nice!

    • britaknee says:

      Sunglasses also prevent us from getting squint-wrinkles so I tell myself it’s okay to splurge on a new pair now and then cause I won’t need botox injections as soon 😉 . I probably have an addiction though!

  2. bohemianbabushka says:

    Thanks for the face shape breakdown. BB’s getting herself a pair of those cat eye glasses! BB2U

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