Como Estas: A Spanish Journey with my Baby

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When I was pregnant, I wanted to do things to ensure I had a healthy baby, I ate good foods, took my vitamins, and totally quit smoking. Now that Cash is a healthy baby, which I couldn’t be more grateful for, I want to focus on giving his growing brain to absorb things that will aide him in life, as well as the fun songs I like to sing him. When I was in high school I took 2 years of spanish classes, I was even a member of the National Spanish Honor Society which was awesome. However, since I haven’t used any spanish in a LONG time, I’ve forgotten most of everything other than like “me gusta papas fritas” y “es su padre un terrorista? Porque eres la bomba” (I like french fries and Is your father a terrorist? because you are the bomb). I really wanted to pick it back up, and teach Cash, so Pimsleur Approach Spanish was perfect to get started.



This set of audio CD’s makes learning a new language much simpler, you can put them on in the car while traveling, or do like I do and pop them in the DVD player while you’re playing with baby in the house. This method uses repetition and memory to really allow the learner to understand the language. What I like best about it is if for some reason you miss part of the CD (ex: you get a phone call and can’t find the DVD remote to hit pause), the repetitions that they use will allow you to continue forward without rewinding because  they will go over the words/phrases again! This is how to really learn a language. Each CD incorporates what was learned in the previous lesson as well, so you’re continually adding to your foreign language vocabulary as opposed to just learning new words and forgetting the other ones.



I also love how this CD set doesn’t JUST ask you to repeat the words, they ask you questions that you need to answer in the foreign language. The Q & A part of the lesson is always my favorite time, so I’m able to see how much of the language I’m actually retaining! It also keeps things more interesting, so that the entire lesson isn’t just mundane repetition. Cash obviously isn’t speaking in spanish just yet, but here are just a few things that speaking in a new language around your little one can be good for them:

* Studies have shown that kids exposed to 2 languages early on are more flexible and creative

* Students of foreign languages tend to score much higher on standardized tests

* Research suggests that early exposure to more than one language actually develops a more powerful brain

* Studies show that babies that were exposed to sounds of different languages early in life retained the ability to identify those sounds years later.

Not to mention that it will help your child understand and master their original language much better, and also gives them a sense of culture and a better understanding of the big world around them.

Cash is much too young to actually LEARN Spanish right now, but he listens to me when I practice my Pimsleur CD’s and when I’ve nailed down this language I can break out this box-set again for him when he’s 2-3, so he can REALLY learn!

Since this is a fashion blog though, I now need these hilarious shirts from Buy Me Brunch


translation: Goodbye Pants


translation: What’s Up Bitches

A little more on the “Cool Mommy” side for sure, but I’m ordering them as a treat to myself once I finish my Spanish 1 Cd’s!

Adios y Buenos Noches!


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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